Bringing Ella’s Artwork to Life

Anything I can do to preserve Ella’s childhood, whether it be a handprint ornament, or a video is so important to me. I love looking at everything she brings home from school. I must admit though, some things get thrown away after Ella goes to bed, but there are some items that I keep. But eventually, even those go into storage in the basement and they are forgotten.

Being able to have the opportunity to not forget one of Ella’s masterpieces is something that I cherish, which is why I was super excited when Budsies gave me the opportunity to give them a try!

Budsies is a really awesome concept- they take your child’s artwork and “bring it to life!” With love and care, they turn the drawing into a stuffed animal- something that your child can play with and be proud of because they created it! There are no pre made patterns that are used, just your child’s creativity, which I absolutely love! If your child does need a little direction, they do have a few templates you can use for inspiration!

Here is how it works….

Your child draws whatever their little heart desires….

Ella chose to draw a ladybug and her cousin Claire drew herself a little butterfly! At first I was super worried about Ella’s picture looking ‘normal’ so it would be relatively easy for their team to recreate, but after looking at all they have created so far, I let go and let her take the reigns! They were both so excited to send off their drawings! 

After your child draws the picture, you just upload a picture of their artwork or snap a picture with your phone and text it to them!

If your child has created a pretty abstract picture (no worries…they can handle it!) they give you a spot to describe the picture (ie: purple bird with red triangles on it). Believe me, I am sure the description is needed sometimes to give a little direction. Anyone who is a parent knows those moments where you look at your child’s drawing and you say “oh wow that is such a beautiful flower you drew” while they quickly respond “its not a flower its a fish jumping over another fish in the ocean!” Oh- right….I knew that! 

After sending it off your Budsie arrives in 6-8 weeks!

The girls absolutely loved theirs. Ella has slept with it every night since she has gotten it, and when she and her cousin Claire got together with them they had such a ball!! 

What I love about Budsie besides the actual concept itself, is the fact that they give back. For every Budsie order that is placed in the month of November, they will produce and donate a duplicate Budsie to a child in need over the holidays. How awesome is that? Children in need definitely need TLC year round, but especially over the holidays. I love being given the chance to teach Ella a lesson on giving to those in need- you’re never too young to learn!

Take some time to check out their website, grab some paper, crayons and markers and get to drawing with your child so they can make a Budsie of their own!

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  1. Laurie Olsen
    December 4, 2013 / 12:44 pm

    What a great idea!! They turned out so cute!!

  2. Carly
    December 4, 2013 / 1:57 pm

    WHOA, these are AWESOME!

  3. Because of Jackie
    December 4, 2013 / 5:18 pm

    Oh my, stop it! My daughter would die over this, what a fun concept:)

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