Far From Perfect (and What She Wears Link up: Pop of Color)

Happy Tuesday, ladies!

First things first, lets talk perfection, and comparing. I compare myself all.the.time. Whether it be other blogs I read, people I see at the grocery store, in the magazines. Ugh! It’s exhausting and quite annoying to be honest with you! I mean really- I get annoyed with myself! Haha!

I have chatted on here a few times before about my body image and whatnot. Blah, blah, blah- I don’t like the way I look, I could be healthier, skinnier, whatev.

You are probably thinking “where the heck is this coming from?!” I know- I usually post a few pics, add a little bit of commentary and call it a day (or a blog post, if you will).

As I was getting my things together to head out for the day and take my pictures of my outfit for this post, it was as though nothing was fitting right or coming together. My pants were too big (FYI- if you get these pants, size down! I am by no means tiny, but a large ended up falling off of me after a bit of wear), my hat looked ridiculous, on and on and on!

I start to take my pictures, and my hat won’t stay the way I want it, I can’t get the camera to focus correctly, I forgot to paint my nails, my pants keep falling down, and then I notice the lettering on my shirt is in fact navy blue, and not black like I thought it was. Hahaha. Fail.

At this point, all I am thinking is what a lame post this is going to be, because nothing looks right, and I look like a hot mess, especially compared to the other bloggers I follow who-to me- are always so darn put together and perfect and beautiful (inside and out).

Then it hit me (or was that just a massive gust of wind?)- one of the things about my blog that I love (and a lot of other blogs I follow) is that I am not perfect. I am a mother, I am an everyday woman, I am you. I have flaws, I show them, I (try) to embrace them and share them with you.

Hence- a jacket that may be wrinkled, nail polish that is chipped 99% of the time in my posts, lipstick might not always be applied, I am not the skinniest and most fit, my hair isn’t always perfectly in place, and my pictures may not be the greatest all the time because that is life (and I am not lucky enough to have Tabitha glued to my hip, or have an amazing camera!). That is my life.

Moral of my story? I am not perfect, which makes me real, and hopefully relateable to my readers, to you! What you see on here, is most definitely real, honest, and my life! I know I value that so much in my fellow bloggers. It definitely gives the blogging world a sense of community 🙂

Now…onto What She Wears link up for January with my love co hosts Meagan at Because of Jackie, Dawnelle at Just Dawnelle, Brandi at Run Style Run and Jalyn atThe Red Closet Diary! In this dreary time of year, nothing is more fitting than adding a pop of color to your look. Kind of brighten things up against the bland backdrop that Mother Nature provides us!

For me, adding a pop of color during the winter months is something as simple as adding a bright jacket. I love how they can pull together a whole look- especially if what you are wearing underneath may not be so fashionable! I have had this jacket since last year and it always seems to brighten my day when I toss it on!

Outfit Details: 

Jacket: Old Navy (last year) /// Shirt: J Crew /// Pants: Old Navy (remember to size down) /// Shoes: Sam & LIbby via Target (on sale in stores!) /// Clutch: TJ Maxx /// Beanie: Target /// Hand Warmers: Target 

So now its your turn! Link up your pop of color! It can be an outfit, a collage, whatever fits! Just be kind and link back to myself or one of my other beautiful co hosts! Don’t forget to check back with all of us next Tuesday to see who we all chose as our own favorites from the link up. We will also announce our February link up theme! 





  1. Ashley Pletcher
    January 7, 2014 / 12:34 pm

    Ooooh this look is so edgy!! Get it girl! Love the pop of yellow!! Gorgeous as always!!xoxo,AshleyAfternoon Espresso

  2. Leah Behr
    January 7, 2014 / 1:21 pm

    Love the yellow! & those heels!EatPrayWearLove

  3. Marisa
    January 7, 2014 / 2:15 pm

    Maybe not perfect, but beautiful always! xo

  4. Whitney James
    January 7, 2014 / 3:05 pm

    Great post and I love your outfit. The yellow looks great on you!~Whitneywww.whitneynicjames.com

  5. J is for Jessica
    January 7, 2014 / 3:27 pm

    First, I love this outfit! I love the black and yellow combo, yellow is not a color that works on me! And, yes, I sometimes get frustrated when I can't relate to a blogger. It's like, I want to read you but at the same time you and I are not connecting, b/c my nails dont look like that, I can't afford your outfit and my hair is definitely not fixed today under my hat! So anyway, yes, keep being you b/c us normal girls like someone we can relate to!

  6. Linda Cassidy
    January 7, 2014 / 5:36 pm

    love that coat, I am all about Coats this year and yellow, so that is a perfect combination

  7. Rachel
    January 7, 2014 / 6:06 pm

    Have you washed the pants? I just read they shrink! LOVE the look

  8. Amy Savini
    January 7, 2014 / 6:22 pm

    Perfection is boring and unrealistic, I prefer REAL.Those shoes are hawwwt.AmyMariposa Medley Jewelrywww.mariposamedley.com

  9. Tracy Miller
    January 7, 2014 / 7:55 pm

    Why are we so hard on ourselves? Others don't see the flaws that we see as negative attributes. Most of the time, others don't notice them at all. When writing posts, I find myself pointing out what is wrong with my outfit, hair, etc and have to remind myself to delete that crap. And we will never be like others. We need to remember to be our kick-ass selves and own it :-). BTW – I love your shoes and you are OWNING IT!Tracy

  10. Noel Marie
    January 8, 2014 / 12:37 am

    First of all, you look like a hot mom to me. Not to many women strut around in heels like that- meow!! But I totally get this post and I totally get where you're coming from. I have the worst habit of downplaying the importance of my blog because I don't see it as being as good as a lot of the ones I follow. But then, I follow a lot of high fashion blogs and whether or not I love those designer clothes and photos that are more like works of art than anything…with bloggers who may as well be models…and I have to remember that's just not me. It's never going to be me. But that doesn't make my blog any less worthy…just less money lol Keep it up, I love reading and following!!

    • Noel Marie
      January 8, 2014 / 12:38 am

      ugh too*

  11. Because of Jackie
    January 8, 2014 / 12:46 am

    Ha, LOVE the honesty in this post! I am a hot mess a lot of the times and outfit posts are generally the best I have to offer, I tend to have a 10% chance of looking good? 🙂 Loving the yellow and I have been drooling over those heels at Target. I hate you for making me need them again!

  12. Jennifer-Mommy Life After Ph.D.
    January 8, 2014 / 1:31 am

    LOVE those heels, and the jacket is super cute too!

  13. Chelsey Patti
    January 8, 2014 / 4:26 am

    Such a great pop of yellow! You look so glam, I love it! Stopping by from the style sessions.-http://chelseypatti.blogspot.com

  14. Katie
    January 9, 2014 / 2:09 am

    thank you for your comment and for leading me to your post. i am thankful for honest bloggers like you that remind me that I am normal 🙂 and that give a bigger glimpse of real life than most. thank you! 🙂

  15. Katie
    January 9, 2014 / 2:09 am

    ps I want those pants – you look so cute!

  16. Brandi
    January 10, 2014 / 5:57 pm

    This look suits you to a t!! Such a babe!

  17. Jalynn Schroeder
    January 13, 2014 / 3:32 am

    This is such a great post! I feel the same way on a daily basis. It is so hard to embrace what we have when we want to be "perfect". You are so cute! I love this outfit and especially the pop of yellow!

  18. Megan Davey
    January 13, 2014 / 6:00 pm

    Love the yellow. I have been on the hunt for a yellow blazer to wear over one of my 114 grey graphic tees. I have that one, and love it. Love your thoughts, too – I have found lately that so many bloggers are turning to a photo shoot to get their content. I want to see real outfits, not something that's been doctored up to look perfect just for a photo. Megan from Chasing Davies

  19. Dawnelle @ Just Dawnelle
    January 14, 2014 / 2:42 am

    You look amazing in that yellow! and I'm digging the hat for sure!!!! PS… I'm so with you. I blog what I know and I sure as heck don't ever remember a day when everything seemed to just fit all right. And let's be honest here… As much as I want to be able to blog about perfectly put together outfits the reality is it just isn't who I am. I forget things… a LOT! and I have two toddlers so such is life. But from where I'm sitting… you looked amazing and I had no idea your pants were too big and you can't even tell the letter on your shirt isn't black! haha

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