A Mommy in the Modern World

I think other bloggers will agree with my when I say there are a ton of awesome things about blogging, but one of the best things is meeting other bloggers that have the same passion as you and just instantly clicking with them!

Mary is no exception! She is so nice, a mommy just like me (an instant bond between ladies, if you ask me), has an interest in dieting (mine is maybe more of an obsession) and is beautiful both inside and out! Plus, I am a little jealous at how organized she is- maybe one day I will be the organized Mommy that I aspire to be!!

I love her blog for its honesty-she is pretty much an open book! You will love her just as much as I do! How can you NOT love someone who goes into Target for one thing and walks out with a million? Take a moment and say hello on her blogtwitter and instagram!

I'm Mary

Hi all!

I’m Mary from ModMommyMK. I’m starting the journey of putting my blog out there for
all to see and I hope you like it. Who
am I? Well, I’m a married (10 years in
August—woohoo) mom of two who loves:

Spending time with family and friends

Healthy Living


Decorating everything and anything I can in robins egg blue

Surfing People.com

Makeup trends

Organizing with my Thirty One products (I’m a consultant,
shameless plug alert!  www.mythirtyone.com/mkeevers)

Visiting Target several times a week.  Going in = 1 item to buy.  Coming out = 10 items in my bag.

On any given day you will find me sipping my grande dark
roast Starbucks, making notes in my Erin Condren planner, toting around my
lunch in my Thirty One thermals (did I mention I was a consultant?), finding
new ways to organize our home, starting new projects and trying to master being
super mom (my husband already has super dad powers mastered). 

I hope you enjoy ModMommyMK, it’s a collection of thoughts,
tips, tricks of the trade and stories close to my heart.  Xoxo.



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