Get Fresh and and Help Wounded Warriors: Products That Give Back

If there is one thing I love, it is products/businesses that give back. I really am a firm believer that as a business owner it is your duty and responsibility to contribute to the community (and even surrounding areas) in which you live/work as much as you possibly can.

Get Fresh is an awesome  family run business that specializes in botanical based bath and body products. What I love about them (besides their products I tried) is that they believe in three main things when it comes to their business: God, working with their customers to be successful, and America.

Those at Get Fresh believe that they have the responisblilty to serve those that give us the freedom to live and prosper in this country! Because of that, the donate a portion of their sales to organizations like Wounded Warriors and Healing4Heroes. I know- pretty awesome.

Their products are reasonably priced too, which is nice. I don’t like to purchase super expensive beauty products, and especially love beauty products that go a long way, so I love how their products are wallet friendly.

I was able to try their Look Better Naked set in Lemongrass. It comes with body scrub, a body mask, and body creme. I really loved using it! It was nice to feel pampered at home, and the body creme made my skin feel really great without the oily feeling!. Plus, it smells really good too!

The Warrior Princess hand creme is amazing.  My hands tend to get pretty dry year round especially during the winter months and this was perfect for me. 

I was also able to try their mineral bath soak. I am not typically a bath person at all, but it was SO nice to treat myself to a long soak in the bath tub! It was relaxing, and their Blackberry Vanilla scent is delicious!

Take a moment to check out Get Fresh, read about all of the amazing things they believe in, and do some shopping! 

Not only do they offer free shipping on all orders over $49, they are offering 20% site wide to all Mommy in Heels readers if you use the code HEELS from now until March 20th! And remember, when you are shopping you are giving back to all those that protect and serve our country- what could possibly be better than that? I promise- you will really love their products and what they stand for as much as I do 🙂



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