My Repeat Outfit + My Weekly Weigh In

So ends another week, another weigh in, another handful of outfits, and I find myself drawn to the same outfit that I have worn numerous times before, or different variations of it at least.

I wore this last Friday. We all had just gotten home from school/work/whatever and wanted to head to the park while it was still a little nice out. This was the perfect outfit for the park- easy enough to chase my girls, but still cute enough to be stylish. Over time, I think I have worn something similar to this outfit soooo many times- a white tank top, a boyfriend tee, an embellished sweatshirt. I think its safe to say this is a go-to outfit for me (as a matter of fact I am wearing it again as I type this. Yep, twice in one week).

Outfit Details:

Vest: Old Navy (similar) /// Shirt: Old Navy /// Jeans: Old Navy (similar) /// Shoes: Jessica Simpson (similar) /// Purse: Purchased in Mexico /// Necklace: JEG Boutique, Gifted “R” Necklace, Brin and Bell /// Hat: Target /// Midi Rings: Target /// Bracelets: Stella and Dot, Target 

I think one of the reasons I love this outfit so much is the vest. I have worn it so many times (hereherehere and here just to share a few). It is one of those pieces that has been with me through thick and think. Literally. Thick and thin, or thick and thinner, and I keep progressing with Nutrisystem

This past week was ok. Not the best, not the worst. I am down a pound, which puts me at 11.4 pounds down. What made this last week ok and not as awesome as other weeks is that I just felt sort of in a slump- found myself craving not-so-good-for-you foods that I haven’t really craved since I started the diet. I gave in to a couple of those cravings. Of course I was not happy with myself afterwords, but I picked myself up, gave myself a ‘get your shit together’ slap in the face and started a new day! 

I think that is one place where I have grown a little. In the past, I would have dwelled, and dwelled on the fact that I ate pizza and french fries for dinner. Now, I move on from it. There is always the next meal to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. So I divulged and I shouldn’t have- move on and do better next time! 

I know I still lost- a pound is a pound. It’s great. I am glad. But I just know that I need to buckle down and keep my rear in gear for this week and the following weeks! I’ve got this!! 

This week I want to focus on expanding my dinner options. I have been loving my dinner choices, but I have just been having a salad with a few uncooked veggies and fat free dressing. My goal is to plan out my dinner  a little better so I can have more of a variety!! 

Bring on the new week! But I am keeping the vest….it’s just too good to let go of!! 

I am an official #NSNation Blogger and have received Nutrisystem for free in exchange for my honest opinion of the program. All opinions and thoughts expressed are my own and 100% honest.



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  1. Marisa (
    May 16, 2014 / 9:00 pm

    No matter what your weight has ever been you've remained gorgeous through it all. Enviable beauty on the inside as well as the out. xo

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