Patterned Pants Don’t Scare Me!

I think if you have read my blog at some point in your life it is quite obvious that I am not the tiniest person in the world. I have a rather large rear and my thighs are the kind of thighs that rub together so much I could start a fire if I were wearing the right pants. (go ahead…you can laugh at my expense-its the truth!).

With that in mind, one would think that I would want to stay as far away as possible from any type of pattern, or anything other than black on my lower half. Eh. (that was my attempt at spelling a buzzer sound). Wrong. I love patterns, and wearing them just as much as the Skinny Minnie next to me! Yeah I have days where I just want to cover up but I really can’t say no to a cute print!

Outfit Details: 

Pants: Old Navy /// Shirt: J Crew (similar) /// Jacket: Gap (similar) /// Shoes: Converse via Kohl’s /// Bag: Target /// Necklaces: Brin and Bell, Target /// Sunglasses: Steve Madden via TJ MAXX

If you haven’t tried these Old Navy Pixie pants yet, you’ve got to take them for a ride. They are so comfortable, and the stretch in them is perfect- just enough to give you some wiggle room, but not too much that they feel loose and baggy. Plus they come in several prints and solid colors. 

What’s also great about these is that they could easily be worn with a button up, blazer and heels for work. Obviously since I don’t work in a place that has a dress code, I choose to wear them a little more casually. Another way I would love to wear these pants is with a knotted chambray and cute sandals! 

Really, it can’t get any better than buying a pair of pants and being able to wear them at least three different ways! Love! 




  1. Because of Jackie
    May 8, 2014 / 11:41 am

    I LOVE these pants (and the whole look) on you! This is the perfect look and you rock it;)

  2. Kristen
    May 8, 2014 / 12:49 pm

    I love this whole look and you look GREAT!

  3. Erica M.
    May 8, 2014 / 2:15 pm

    Great outfit! The print pants look great. Personally I love patterned and colored pants. Black is so boring!

  4. Amy Savini
    May 8, 2014 / 3:24 pm

    I love patterned pants & I have similar thighs (and since I started running, they are going to be even beefier, I am afraid), but you rock these pants!! So cute. :)

  5. Marisa (
    May 8, 2014 / 3:39 pm

    Something I would absolutely wear, love it!!!

  6. Madeline Mihaly
    May 8, 2014 / 3:42 pm

    your description of your thighs cracks me up! But girl you are rocking the pixie pants!Maddy

  7. Jessica Martin
    May 8, 2014 / 9:42 pm

    I think they look great! I have a couple maternity pairs of the pixie and love them. I wish they had more colors and patterns though!

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