Loving (aka Purchasing) Lately

Having the house to myself for a few days while my family was on vacation gave me a lot of downtime. With that downtime came a little bit of online shopping. Before I knew it, I had a surprise waiting for my in my mailbox just about every day! It’s been a pretty awesome mail week the last few days!

Here is what I am absolutely loving and can’t wait to style over and over!

Loving Lately

1. I have been on the hunt for a super cute baseball hat, mainly for weekend afternoons and Mondays. Since I am home on Monday with both of my girls, I typically dress for comfort and don’t really do much to myself as far as hair and makeup. I quickly realized that a cute baseball hat was a must! This JCrew one was perfect and irresistible! 

2. To go along with my theme of not doing much to myself on Mondays and also for just a little added accessorizing, turbans are quickly becoming my favorite! Can’t wait to have these Lemons & Lace prints in my mailbox! 

3. I really can’t say enough about this gorgeous BaubleBar The Courtney Bib (after Courtney Kerr-I am a huge fan of hers!!)! Really, how amazing is this necklace?! I have a pretty exciting meeting coming up this week that I cannot wait to rock this for! Even though there is a lot to it, the fact that it is basic gold (also comes in silver and you can pre order in rose gold) makes it so versatile. It’s perfect to rock with just a basic tee or would look great with your LBD. I am telling you, this necklace is amazing! 

4. I snagged this tee when I stopped at some outlets on my late night drive home from the beach last week. We ride past these outlets every trip home from the beach and never stop because we always have the girls with us. You better believe I took advantage of being by myself! I couldn’t pass up this shirt! Check out the blog later this week to see how I have already styled it, and how I plan to style it! 

5. Kendra Scott finally got the best of me. I have held off for so long, simply because of the price tag, but I finally decided to treat myself, and I caved. Once again, blame it on the down time (which I never have at home)! I figured since I was dishing out the money for the necklace I would start out with a basic black. Eventually, I would love to add turquoise, ivory pearl, and even magenta!

6. These shoes….these shoes! You see, this is what blogging does to you…it makes you buy things that you normally wouldn’t! I typically wouldn’t have been drawn to these shoes, but when I was able to actually see them on a person, and not just a model, I fell in love. I blame Shanna for styling them so perfectly which pretty much made my by them like right away. Imagine how much more money I would have if I didn’t blog and succumb to the blogging peer pressure (that we totally place on ourselves!). I can’t tell you how comfortable these shoes are! I wore them on Friday, when I was working at my store- I was literally on my feet for seven hours straight and my feet did not hurt one bit! I was so shocked, simply because it was the first time I was wearing them, so I was expecting them to hurt, but they were amazing. 

What have you been loving (or purchasing) lately?!

Oh and before I forget…thank you all so much for linking up for last week’s What She Wears! I loved seeing how everyone incorporated red, white and blue into their own personal style! My own personal favorite was Kristin from Wild One Forever! I just love how casual but stylish her look is, from head to toe!

Wild One Forever - Fourth of July 8

Don’t forget to link up for next month’s What She Wears: wedges! I know we all have them! Let’s see how you style them! 




  1. Because of Jackie
    July 8, 2014 / 12:45 pm

    This is an amazing list! I will have to check out the Lemons and Lace turbans (love them!), and I may need to cave on Kendra Scott as well…..sigh.

  2. Because Shanna Said So
    July 8, 2014 / 3:50 pm

    Yay for finally getting a KS necklace!! You won't be sorry!!! Promise!! And sorry for helping you spend more money on the sandals, but again, you will not be sorry!!! Ha!! I did a lot of shopping a few weeks ago when I was flying solo too!! Love everything you scooped up!!

  3. Michelle
    July 8, 2014 / 8:30 pm

    FYI — the red baseball cap is now on sale! I've been eyeing it since you paired it with sleeveless chambray, so I will take this as a sign to purchase.

  4. Jeans and a Teacup
    July 9, 2014 / 3:29 pm

    Love the necklace! I'm sure you'll get a lot of use out of it. I've been buying TOO much lately! There's just so many good sales!~JessicaJeans and a Teacup

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