Ella’s So Fab

I think this month was probably one of Ella’s most favorite FabKids outfits! She is a little budding fashionista- I think part of it is my blogging, and part of it is Blythe from the Littlest Pet Shop (she is a fashion designer).

Every month, she gets super excited when she gets to pick out her outfit. I can’t tell you how excited I get when it comes in the mail, simply because I know bedtime will go a little smoother that night because her outfit is already picked out for her for the next day. I’m not kidding when I say that cuts down on an extra ten minutes!

I think one thing that she likes-besides being able to have a say in her outfit- is that most of the dresses and skirts come with leggings. She loves leggings because they are comfortable and she is all about comfort. If any of you have little girls you know leggings can be a necessity for dresses that are worn to school. Nine times out of ten, when Ella wears a dress to school she wears a pair of leggings underneath so she can play on the playground with her friends! No one needs to see her Doc McStuffins undies!

The faux leather details are nice little touch. Ella see’s the faux leather I wear and loves it, so being able to incorporate it into her outfit makes her feel so cool! (Hey, her wanting to be like me won’t last forever so I will take it while I can!)

Dress: c/o FabKids /// Leggings: c/o Fabkids /// Faux Fur Vest: Target /// Converse: Kohls

She couldn’t resist adding her fur vest to complete the look. I have to say, I can’t blame her. I feel like my faux fur vest has become somewhat of a staple for me, now that I finally found one! 



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  1. Ellen Ross // Ask Away Blog
    October 20, 2014 / 1:47 pm

    She is freakin precious!XO Ellen from Ask Away Blogwww.askawayblog.com

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