My Interview with Neutrogena’s (and Modern Family’s) Julie Bowen-yes THE Julie Bowen!

For the future, when you get an email asking if you would like to interview Julie Bowen, you don’t say no. That was the case for me- as soon as I got the email, I didn’t think twice. Yes, yes, YES!

What a once in a lifetime opportunity, right? Since the beginning of the year, I have been one of Neutrogena’s ambassadors. Although it all has been great so far, this totally takes the cake and beats out any of the products I have been given to try! It’s Julie Bowen!

Since flying out to LA for the interview wasn’t an option (believe me- I tried to convince my husband. Darn him for being the responsible, practical one), skype was the next best thing! 

Besides the fact that it was Julie Bowen I was interviewing, I was excited to ask her some questions like her beauty secrets, favorite products, etc. I was most interested in why she chose Neutrogena. As a celebrity, I am sure she gets asked daily to endorse certain products- so I was curious to as to why she said yes to Neutrogena!

Her answer was straightforward and simple- in short, she couldn’t talk about products that she never uses. She had been using Neutrogena since she was a teenager. The amber bar was her first product- what she considered a sort of “right of passage” into the teenage years! That makes me laugh, because I know we all have some sort of beauty product that we remember using and thinking the same thing! 

She also said she likes that the products are straightforward. She (like most mom’s out there) likes things like beauty products to be easy- she doesn’t have time to be a chemist in her bathroom! Couldn’t have said it better myself, that’s for sure! 

Like I expected, she was hysterical! Amid her witty banter, she said she keeps products in her car, particularly moisturizer and sunscreen because “the car mirror doesn’t lie.” Which I completely agreed with her- the first look in the rear view mirror in broad daylight is a wake up call, is it not??

What I gathered, her two big things (my ‘takeaways’) were sunscreen and products with retinol. Oh and fake eyelashes (I KNEW I loved her!). If Julie Bowen says sunscreen and retinol are important, I will listen! Haha!

I could go on and on about the interview, but I am sure you would rather watch the video! A few things before you watch the interview though:

~Keep in mind my skype was being weird and I couldn’t see her at all. I could just hear her.

~I apparently need to work on my verbal communication skills. 

~But then again I am thinking my nerves go the best of me- it’s not every day you interview a celebrity.

~Ignore the first few seconds of “can you see me? I can’t see you. You can or cannot see me?” She was probably like “just get on with it!”

~Mom- I don’t really think she is nicer than you.  (Sorry, Julie!)

~I talk really loud- I get it from my Dad

~I also apparently ramble when I am nervous. There was a point in my head where I was like shut up Rebecca! She doesn’t care that you love false eyelashes too!! Hahaha!

~She hits the nail on the head when she calls children “selfish drunkards.’ HYSTERICAL!

~I am now an even bigger fan of hers than I already was!

Awesome, isn’t she? It was cool, as someone like me (like not a true journalist or media person), to be able to chat with someone like her! It really seemed like she really valued what she puts on her skin (mental note- make sure I add sunscreen and retinol to my daily routine).

I think it’s also great that she supports a brand that doesn’t break the bank. I mean I get it- if I were a celebrity I am sure I would probably wear jeans that are a little bit more expensive, or carry an expensive purse. But every once in a while, you see a celebrity shopping at a discount store, or carrying an affordable purse. Quite frankly it’s refreshing to know she uses-and has since she was a teen-affordable skincare products! 

So the fact that Julie Bowen and I both use Rapid Wrinkle Repair pretty much makes us best friends. Or the next time I have a friend in the car and she tells me how genius it is that I have a little supply of moisturizer, sunscreen and other little beauty products in my car I can say “oh thanks Julie Bowen recommended it to ME!” 




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