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This past weekend was a whirlwind. One of the best there ever was, that’s for sure. It’s crazy how things work out, and how they tend to fall into place sometimes.

I know I have said before, particularly when I was sharing with you the opening of my brick and mortar store, Elizabeth & West, how I firmly believe things happen for a reason. I sort of thought that in the past, but after things over the last two years (both good and bad) happened that led me to fulfilling my dream- I am a 100% believer. Everything happens for a reason. This past weekend was totally one of those things that reminded me of that!

Without getting into the nitty gritty of it all (that would be like several posts long!), I will say the opportunity to attend Simply Stylist sort of fell in my lap (once again, thanks for that, Susan AND Sage). My new friend Sage was attending, and already had a room for the weekend…done and done!

Simply Stylist is an awesome fashion/beauty conference. It’s primary focus is to connect those within the fashion industry to those who would like to get their foot in the door. It isn’t just for bloggers, which is nice. It’s full of people with a common interest-fashion. You can read more of what Simply Stylist is all about here. What is even better about this conference is a portion of the ticket sales go to The Farley Project – a non profit organization with a missions to stop bullying. Founder Elissa was there and shared her story, and how The Farley Project started. Amazing, to say the least!

I got in late evening on Friday and met up with Sage and her friend/client Robyn. Famished, we headed to dinner near our hotel, where the event was taking place on Saturday, Park Central Hotel.

Saturday morning started at 11:00 (perfect time!) with brunch, mingling, pictures in front of the step and repeat. I met Sarah Boyd, founder of Simply Stylist, who also happens to be a York, PA native!

1.Sage, Robyn and myself out to dinner Friday night. It’s amazing how quickly you know when you’ve met people who are going to be friends for life…these girls are definitely it! 

2.Robyn is the talent behind Robyn Rhodes jewelry. Amazing. Had a great time picking out our         jewels for the day!! (and her jewels will be coming to Elizabeth & West in the near future!)

3.Catt Sadler and Jamie Chung were in attendance…super nice and both gorgeous.

4. Step and repeat time! 

The day then moved on to the panels. It was a great lineup for the day! Jamie Chung, Damsel in Dior, We Wore What, and even Joe Zee to name a few! An insane wealth of knowledge in one room. 

1.Another step and repeat. 

2.The super cute balloons that greeted us.

3.Jamie Chung being interview by Catt Sadler. They both have great blogs and share their insight about blogging and balancing it all. 

1.Robyn is friends with Jamie Chung, so we got the opportunity to hang out with her after one of the panels. She is so incredibly down to earth, super nice and flawless! Absolutely flawless. Talking to her was like talking to one of my girlfriends!

2.Joe Zee was so awesome. It’s nice to hear how people who have “made it” had to hustle and work their tail off to get where they are. He was so refreshing! It was also awesome that he was wearing Old Navy! 

3.Doing a little shopping during the brand experience! Ditto’s spring line is going to be awesome…I have my eye on the most gorgeous, soft romper! 

1. Getting a blowout courtesy of Catwalk by Tigi and BedHead by Tigi mid day was just what the doctor ordered. I wish I could recreate the curls I had!!

2. Our post blowout hair!

3. A little more step and repeat fun!

4. Barely made it through the day in my heels…so thankful I packed flats in my purse!

We ended the night meeting up with another one of Robyn’s friends (Liz- super nice with an infectious smile!). I didn’t get home until close to three in the morning. But it was I can’t recommend this conference enough! From the speakers, the content, (the swag bag!), the people I met….it was worth it a million times over!

I made amazing, amazing connections, made the best of friends (love you already Sage and Robyn!)…can’t wait for the next one!!!



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  1. Because of Jackie
    October 29, 2014 / 11:47 pm

    This looks like so much fun! I wish I had gone with you, I will have to keep this in mind next year;)

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