Handbag Guide: What’s in my Handbag?

I think you can tell a lot about a person by what’s in their purse…if they let you actually see what’s in their purse.

A lot of factors play into my taste in purses, whether it is my age, what I am wearing, if I am with or without my daughters for that particular outing, just to name a few.

More often than not though, I love a big purse. The larger the better. Totes in particular are my favorite because to me, they are like the Mary Poppins bag- bottomless and neverending!

When I checked out Rue La La’s Handbag Guide, it was pretty much confirmed, yet again what I prefer! Their guide also helped me break down the names of several other bags…I knew in my head what they looked like but never knew the names! So helpful (and didn’t realize how non knowledgeable I was!)

Rue La La - Handbags and purses - The Clutch

While I love the clutch, it is only something I use for date night, or girls night out. In the past, I have even been known to toss it in the diaper bag! For shuffling around two children, it just isn’t practical for me all the time. My Blair Ritchey is my favorite. You can see how I styled it here and here

Rue La La - Handbags and purses - The Hobo

The Hobo bag is one that I haven’t really used. I’ve sort of been on the fence about it and haven’t yet pulled the trigger on a purchase. After reading the description of what a “Hobo Bag” is on Rue La La, I realized it’s not for me. The over-the-shoulder straps are too short for me, and the slouchiness would just bother me!

Rue La La - Handbags and purses - The Tote

Aaahhhh the tote. this is me all the way. The roominess of it, the structure, the versatility. To me, you just can’t go wrong with it. I have several totes that I have used as a work bag, my everyday purse, and even an overnight bag.

I have also noticed that I am a fan of the satchel. It’s a little more structured than the tote is, but I feel like it stores just as much. It usually (at least in my eyes) has a little more hardware and detail on it that totes typically do. You can see how much I love satchels here, here and here.

Lately, my go to purse has been Blair Ritchey’s Lango Messenger Tote. It holds all of my essentials (which is like everything under the sun). I also eliminated using a diaper bag over the last couple of months, so the Lango is the perfect size to toss in a diaper and some snacks on top of all of my other stuff! Take a peek at what I keep in my tote-my go-to bag!

This is literally what is in my purse 90% of the time! I do always have something in my purse to keep my lipsticks, chapsticks and some headache medicine, as well as my wallet (obviously). Those are non negotiable!

What I love about the Lango, is that the wallet is attached to the inside of the purse. When I got the bag, I didn’t realize how much I would love it. So easy to find. The snakeskin clutch is also a Blair Ritchey (can you tell I’m a fan?) and what I use to keep any makeup and medicine. I know I can quickly find my chapstick if I need it! 

Like I said, I stopped using a diaper bag, so I usually just toss a diaper or two and wipes in my bag. I usually also have a sippy cup and a baggie of snacks as well. I don’t know what happened that I don’t have any in there now! 

Sunglasses are also something I always have on me-always. I am quite shocked I only have one pair! Usually I have two or three roaming around my bag!. 

Trash. I always, always, always have trash in my purse. Whether it be receipts, candy wrappers, half eaten granola bars (those are fun to find), I always have trash. And also a program from my church. I always have one of them on me. Eventually they accumulate (like my receipts and food wrappers) and I do a clean out, but nine times out of ten you will find trash and church programs in my bag! 

Not the most gorgeous looking, but its real life! (remember….#ThisIsMyRealLife)

What do you keep in your purse? Do you keep it clean, or are you like me and have it filled with the essentials and trash? Haha!

What about the style? Is there are certain type of handbag you stay away from (like the Hobo for me) or to you typically carry anything and everything? Not sure what you prefer? Check out Rue LaLa’s Handbag Guide– you might be surprised with what you like or don’t like! 



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  1. noel @ Third Day Hair
    November 15, 2014 / 1:31 am

    Oh my gosh I ALWAYS have trash in my bag… grocery lists & receipts just pile up until I get so sick of it, I'm throwing it out by the handfuls. Okay, one handful. I'm not that lazy. I never had a diaper bag, always used an extra large purse, but a year ago I got a mini owl backpack for the babe. I can put her diapers and sippies (no more wet leak in my purse, yay!) in it and just have it in the car wherever we go. It's great. As for the other question, I admire satchels and structured bags sooo much but have none. Well, one very structured tote that doubles as a poolside carryall. But those little lady like numbers? Idk if I need to admire from afar or own one!

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