Shopping and Giving Back with Schoola

It’s amazing how your priorities and things that you care about change as you get older and have children. Not that I was a careless person before, but since becoming a parent a lot has changed. My girls and their needs come first. They factor into every single decision I make, from what yogurt to buy, to when/what time girls night out is.

Now that Ella is in elementary school there are even more things for my husband and I to think about/worry about/celebrate/you name it.

I’m still learning, as a parent. I learn every single day. But- there is one thing I am certain of. They never stop growing. Ever. Ella doesn’t fit into anything of hers from last year. Buying a whole new wardrobe is expensive! When we just had Ella it was expensive, name brand clothes all the way. Now with two children to clothe, that has changed a little!

Because buying the girls new clothes constantly can get expensive, I like to save money any way that I can. Schoola is an awesome way to save money on clothes for your children while giving back!

Schoola is an online retailer dedicated to recycling brand name children’s clothes. Two dollars of every five dollars spent goes to fund schools, specifically music, art and PE programs (there are opportunities for you to get involved with your child’s school). It really can’t get much better than that. As someone who has had a passion for the arts since elementary school, this is a win/win.

Here is a little video on how Schoola works:

Schoola is launching their holiday campaign #HolidaysR4. What do they mean to you? Here is what they mean to me….

#HolidaysR4 family. I love the extra time I get to spend with my family over the holidays.
#HolidaysR4 shopping! I most definitely do ‘one for you, one for me’ when I shop for gifts!
#HolidaysR4 traditions. I love continuing old traditions and starting new ones with my family.
#HolidaysR4 baking! For others….not me. I just like to enjoy the baked goods!

Share yours on facebook or twitter (be sure to use the hashtag, obviously) and be entered to win one of THREE $25 gift cards to Schoola each week!!

Holiday dresses are one thing I am on the hunt for on their website. Christmas dresses for the girls are something that are a little pricier than other clothing, and they literally wear them once. Once! I have my eye on an adorable Janie and Jack dress for Charlotte (for only $13.80!) and Ella has several on her list already!

They even have a free app, which is pretty cool- makes things a long easier/quicker when shopping! And as always, you get 25% off of your first order using the code TRYSCHOOLA.

Start shopping, start cleaning out your child’s closet, donate and help schools all over the country (including your own) get the tools they need to succeed! And don’t forget to share your #HolidaysR4 on your social media!!! Happy shopping!



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