DIY Blanket Scarf

We all know by now how popular blanket scarves are. To me, or at least in my world, Zara was the start of the blanket scarf love. I purchased my first one last year and never looked back. As much as I love how stylish they are, they actually tend to be practical too. Their size and material lend a little warmth on cooler days. I tend to wear them when I want to be a little more casual, but it is nice to use them with a little dressier look. You can see the many ways I’ve styled my blanket scarves here, here, here, here  and here.

Although Zara sells out of their most coveted plaid relatively quickly, you can find similar ones just about anywhere. They add up though, sooooo why not just make your own? Yep. Make your own!

Like I told you in this post, I am not a crafty, DIY-er. It’s just not in my nature. It’s such a shame, because my mom is so good at this kind of stuff- she used to make my first day of school outfits every year, Easter dresses, all kinds of things. You would think that would be something I would have inherited. I took Women’s Leisure as an elective in college (knitting, crochet, sewing, etc) and ended up with a C. Haha! So, this DIY for blanket scarves is totally on my level.

My friend actually found this tutorial online and shared it with me, because she was on the hunt for the perfect blanket scarf. When I saw how easy Riva made it (seriously-can’t get any easier than how she does it), I thought it was something that I could try! Plus, my wallet doesn’t understand my love for blanket scarves, so this is a much less expensive alternative. Just to give you an idea, I purchased roughly 8 yards of fabric for $31. When I am done I will have 4 scarves! That’s less than $8 a scarf!


Fabric of your choice: 1.5-3 yards


Yes, that is all you need!

Step 1. Make sure you have a flat surface to lay your fabric (folded). If you get 2.5 yards of the fabric, you do not have to cut it-it’s the perfect blanket scarf size. If you choose not to cut, move on to Step 3.

Step 2: I chose to play around with this fabric a little (I did get three different prints) and decided to make two smaller blanket scarves out of this. Cut down the center of the fabric, using the plaid to guide you.

Step 3: After your scarf is your desired size, follow the plaid (to keep a straight cut), and trim the edges of the fabric conservatively (as Riva says) and pull threads to create raw edges.

A few things:

If you do get 3 yards of fabric, you will most likely want to cut the fabric to make it smaller. Based on what the directions said, I thought “why make extra work for myself?” so I made sure to get 2.5 yards. (until I decided to make two scarves out of one piece of fabric) Really though, to make it the easiest, 2.5 yards is the way to go. 

Cutting the fabric takes some time if you aren’t handy with scissors. My edges were a little rough to say the least! Even with using the plaid to guide me some spots looked like my 6 year old cut it! 

If you do get 2.5 yards, cutting it in half like I did above does work great to create two smaller blanket scarves, and you get more bang for your buck (I hate that phrase). 

I ended up getting two different materials (one material in two different colors), and I noticed between the two that the flannel type material was a little harder for me to fray (that could also be because I am terrible at cutting in a straight line). Just be patient! 

This was so easy-like ridiculously easy. And affordable. And your end result is something super cute and stylish. 

Once I got the hang of it, I started to move a lot faster! 

These make great gifts if you are still on the hunt for something. Who doesn’t love a good scarf? Make one of these, along with some DIY coconut oil lip gloss and you have a pretty thoughtful gift for someone at a pretty affordable price!

One last thing…..enjoy!!

(This one I am wearing I did not cut- it is a 2.5 yard piece of fabric. I simply trimmed the edges to fray it! So simple!)

Check out Riva’s other DIY tutorials-she’s got some great ones. So glad my friend found hers!!!

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  1. Rainbows in Wool
    December 11, 2016 / 9:11 pm

    I would rio vs cutting. It will be straight for sure that way, and way easier. Natural fabrics rip very easily, especially wool.

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