Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

I don’t know about you, but I find it so hard to buy for guys, particularly my husband. We’ve been together for 14 years, married almost 10, and when Christmas or his birthday roll around you’d think we just started dating. I know what he likes and doesn’t like, but he never really wants anything. If he does, it’s something like edging for our landscaping, which really doesn’t qualify as a birthday or Christmas gift. I always feel so terrible because he gets me the most thoughtful gifts, and I hand him a new pair of slippers. Haha! 

Really, I am not good at guy’s gifts! I don’t know if it’s lack of creativity, or lack of input on the other end. So-this little guide took me a little longer to compile because I tried to cover all bases and find gifts that are actually somewhat cool! 

1. Salt Rox Tequila Shot Glasses. These are the perfectly cool shot glasses for the tequila lover. Made from Himalayan salt, it naturally enhances the flavor of tequila!

2. I personally love these New Balance for J Crew sneakers (good thing they are unisex). The color is a little different most sneakers, but would still coordinate well with a lot of different outfits!

3. Nothing too crazy, but every guy needs a good belt. I love reversible ones. Kills two birds with one stone, and forces your guy to actually match his belt to his outfit!

4. What guy wouldn’t love a good pair of wireless headphones? Perfect to wear while mowing the lawn, doing yardwork. Practical and thoughtful!

5. For the active guy, the Jawbone Up. I have one and love it! Definitely recommend it enough to include in the gift guide! Not only does it track your steps, but it also tracks your sleep- how much or how little you are getting!

6. Guys can get funny sometimes about how much they are into grooming or taking care of themselves. Like it makes them less of a man if they are really into taking care of themselves. For those dudes, something like this Working Man’s Hygiene Kit would be awesome. Can’t get much more manly than Knuckle Wax, right?

7. Something simple like this Oval Amplifier for their phone could turn out to be the most useful gift! You really never know where a guy would want to blast his music. This small amp would certainly get the job done.

8. I can’t get over this Sneaker Customization Kit. How awesome is this? It’s a less expensive, more personal way for someone to add their own personal touch to a pair of sneakers, rather than paying an arm and a leg to purchase already personalized shoes. I wish I was talented enough to use a kit like this! 

9. Can’t get any more classic than a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarer shades. I feel like these are so universal that they look good on anyone!

10. For the sports fans, this New York Times Custom Sports Book is awesome! You choose your favorite MLB or NFL team, and the book is filled with historical content directly from the NYT newspaper!

11. The Himalayan Salt Plate is a great foodie gift. Use it as an alternative to cook to add a little flavor! 

Hopefully you are a little better than I am at buying for the guy(s) in your life! If not, then I hope my gift guide gave you some pretty great ideas!!



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  1. Kimberly Robertson
    December 2, 2014 / 4:24 pm

    I personally have the Jawbone Up and love it – perfect for a guy or gal. We are competitive in my household so its fun to compete on a "team" virtually and see who is more active. Though even more fun is who sleeps better.I also love going to and finding great gifts for guys there. Thanks for your gift guide!

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