Holiday Gift Guide: Under $20 Secret Santa

If there is someone else that is as hard to buy for as your husband, it is your Secret Santa. Typically it is your co worker, a neighbor, or maybe someone who is more of an acquaintance rather than a friend. It is super easy to head to a place like Bath and Body Works and buy a gift set, but what is the fun in that? And what if your Secret Santa is a dude?

I’ve done the hard work for you and rounded up some unique, under $20 Secret Santa gifts! All you have to do is purchase, wrap, and give!

1. This super cute thermal mug is so adorable and perfect for the coffee or tea lover! It’s only $14 which gives you a few extra dollars to fill it with a gift certificate to their favorite coffee place or even some of their favorite tea!

2. For the wine lover, the Corckcicle is genius! I know I like my wine with a little chill! They come in different colors, and you can even get them for beer too!

3. BaubleBar always has super cute, good quality jewelry. This stylish statement necklace looks like you spent a ton of money!

4. Glory Boon is one of my favorite small businesses (I even sell her items in my store). ALl of her beauty items are hand made in the USA and don’t have any of that icky stuff that doesn’t belong in your makeup or on your skin! You can’t go wrong with a fun flavor of her lip scrub (Buttered Popcorn is my favorite) or her all natural lip gloss.

5. You can’t go wrong with this carry all duo. Every lady could use these whether it is for travel or just to toss in your purse! Since this set is only $10, make it a little more fun by adding some super fun accessories (like your Glory Boon purchases)!

6. These Mini Emergency Kits are amazing!! I have one that I like to keep with me, particularly when I know I will be having a long day ahead of me. Something like this would be great to keep at the office! This tiny pouch has everything from clear nail polish to band aids! They have a huge selection of these kits (great bridesmaids gifts and they have ones for teachers too!) and even make them for men.

7. This cutting board set is a cool gift because it’s a necessity, but a cute necessity! I use the same cutting board for everything (meat, veggies, fruit). I know that can’t be a good thing always. These flexible but cute cutting boards would be a welcomed addition to anyone’s kitchen!

8. It seems like everyone loves some sort of flavored water (or at least I do). It can get boring just drinking plain water. This Flavor Infused Water Bottle would be a good gift for any secret santa.

9. If you want to make your gift a little more personal, these Carde Blanche monogrammed stationary sets are perfect!

10. Who could say no to this adorable Sonia Kashuk Brush set? Not me!

11. One thing I have been dying to do is a wine and paint night. A lot of towns have these evenings at local wineries or businesses. You pay a small fee, get to drink and leave with some sort of painting that YOU created from start to finish! These can be relatively affordable, and would be a fun and different gift! Most of them have gift certificates, or you could give your gift recipient and IOU!

12. Who doesn’t love a beer glass that doubles as a bottle opener? Nothing like a “two in one” gift!

13. These Home Buttons for your phone are super cute! They may be small but they add super fun detail to your phone!

14. This iRing is one of my new favorites! I have one for my phone and am obsessed with it! It comes in several colors (white, graphite, blue, pink, or customizable with your business logo). It is a phone enhancement that allows you to expand the use of your smartphone. Check out their video here.

15. The Beat Bottle  allows you to play and store your iPhone in the bottle itself. It not only keeps your hydrated, but it amplifies your music too! Pretty clever, right?

Whew! What a selection! Hopefully this gives you a little shopping inspiration for that tricky Secret Santa!!



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  1. noel @ Third Day Hair
    December 8, 2014 / 12:54 pm

    Love that coffee mug!! Actually, I really love 1 & 8 I have such a hard time thinking of "generic" gifts, but these suit a variety of people and are actually different than the expected candle. Which is what I got my daughter's babysitter lol

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