Denim for Days

I had every intention of sharing with you all my latest Fabletics pick for the month, but the fact that it is about 12 degrees outside with a windchill of below zero, I opted for something a little different. The thought of standing outside in this weather in workout gear and no coat does not sound appealing to me whatsoever!

Instead, I wanted to share with you guys one of my favorite trends for spring…denim/chambray! I am thinking more in the terms of anything but your typical denim jeans. I purchase an adorable chambray dress at Target a few weeks ago (that is nowhere to be found online…sorry!) and it kind of got me on the hunt for more super cute chambray/denim pieces that would be cute for the spring season!

Spring Chambray

1. Target /// 2. Loft /// 3. ChicWish /// 4.Old Navy /// 5. Gap /// 6. Loft /// 7. Etsy /// 8. Old Navy

I have always been a fan of the whole romper/jumpsuit thing because it is so versatile and comfortable, so the chambray jumper is calling my name! I’ve also been gravitating towards sneakers lately, mainly for comfort reasons, so the Loft sneakers are just adorable to me.

Even if you aren’t a huge chambray fan, or a fan of wearing denim in any form other than jeans, you can incorporate it into your wardrobe in smaller ways like these super cute earrings from Etsy or the floral chambray hat

Hopefully spring will be here soon! 


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