Weight Loss/Work Out Style

Oooohhhh here we go again! Another weight loss journey for me! Seems to be the story of my life- I really don’t know anyone who’s weight has fluctuated so much over the years! But! Here I am again, plugging away! And this is definitely not an “oh woe is me” type of post. This like a “get your shit together, Rebecca” type of post!

I gained a boatload of weight when I was pregnant with Charlotte. It’s funny, because I was pregnant with Ella during the winter. I remember saying that I hoped my next pregnancy would be during warmer months because I would totally be more active. Couldn’t have been more wrong! Charlotte was born in September so I was pregnant-very pregnant-during the summer. I was lazier. SO.MUCH.LAZIER. It was ungodly hot, I was swollen from head to toe, which just made me want to sit in a cold room and do nothing at all. Add in the fact that I have no willpower, and well…I gained a lot.

So here I am, with Charlotte being 2 1/2, just really starting to lose the weight. I mean, she isn’t a baby anymore so I can’t really use the excuse that I just had a baby!

I did Nutrisystem last year, and it worked to get me going- I lost close to 20 lbs which was awesome. Then I just sort of stopped there. I wanted to lose the weight. Emotionally I was totally ready to, but I don’t think I was mentally in it. Any time I have started a diet or really working out, something always just seemed to click with me, and I wasn’t getting that “click.” I knew I had to be ready, and I guess I just wasn’t! It’s hard to explain because I wanted to get this damn weight off, but I just had to be ready to!

With dieting so freakin much over the years, I realized that if I am going to diet I can’t deprive myself (yet I am still a sucker for a fad diet). I need to be able to indulge a little, eat the things that I love. If I can’t do that, then I know I set myself up for failure because I will eventually binge, say the heck with it, and throw in the towel. That’s why I love Weight Watchers (no, this isn’t a sponsored post!). With Weight Watchers, I can eat what I want, but within moderation!

I started a couple of weeks before Christmas (I know….crazy) and just within the last couple of weeks have really started to make it my priority!

I bought new workout clothes. I have always just worn comfy yoga pants and an old tee shirt (which I still do sometimes), but I have found that I get more excited about working out if I am wearing something that is cute! I love Target’s selection and I have also signed up for Fabletics (which I will get into more next week) which has been great over the last few months. Both Target and Fabletics are wallet friendly, which is great for me. As much as I love cute workout clothes, I would rather spend the money on a new purse or a pair of shoes!

Outfit Details: 

Vest: Old Navy (old) /// Zip Up Hoodie: Target /// Tank Top: Fabletics /// Pants: Target (similar, similar)  /// Shoes: Nike via Kohls 

Some things I have learned along the way so far:

~Small changes count. Swapping a salad for fries (but still having the pizza for dinner) makes a difference!

~Drink water. I thought I could do the whole gallon of water a day thing after reading this article, but I totally couldn’t do it. But it did get me to at least drink the recommended amount each day. I have been sticking to it for a few months now and am proud of myself!

~You’ll have bad days. Sulk about it if you need to or get over it. I am a little bit of both. Sometimes when I go overboard, I am so pissed at myself for days. Then other times I have the “tomorrow is a new day” mentality right off the bat. Deal with your bad days however you want, but pick yourself up and keep moving forward. 

~Plan ahead. I find that I stay on track when I plan ahead. We typically plan our dinners for the week, so I usually plan my days around what I am having for dinner. I log my points for dinner and work from there. It also helps if I know ahead of time when I am eating out. I plan my day around that too!

~Stay stocked with fruits and veggies. They are a great snack, especially for Weight Watchers! 

~Even if you don’t feel like working out, try to do a little. There are some days I don’t want to work out one bit. So I make it a point to just walk on the treadmill for 15 minutes. There are days I literally only do the 15 mins (better than nothing!) but other days where the 15 turns into 30, and so on! 

What are some of your weight loss/dieting tips? I would love for others to join me on this journey- it’s great to have others for accountability and support!

Next week, I will check back in with you all and share a little bit more about Fabletics and what I wear from them!! 



  1. Kerry
    February 6, 2015 / 3:31 pm

    Fantastic! Starting my journey, as well. My youngest just turned 3 in January….yes…it's time. Look forward to your review of Fabletics! Keep on keeping on, girl!

  2. Ashley
    February 11, 2015 / 1:39 pm

    I was actually noticing in your two more recent posts that you've lost some weight and then I scrolled down and saw this post. Looks like it's working for you! Great work though you always look amazing. I appreciate you sharing your journey because I'm currently beginning my 20th attempt at weight loss and getting in shape.

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    January 16, 2017 / 5:41 pm

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