Working Out With Fabletics

**This isn’t a sponsored post-I just really like Fabletics!

I know I mentioned before how I tend to be more motivated to work out when I have something cute to wear. Don’t get me wrong, I still wear the oversized tee and comfy yoga pants to work out in every once in a while. Those are usually the days where I have to drag myself to the basement to work out. (which has pretty much been this week!)

A few months ago, when I started my weight loss journey I decided to join Fabletics– knowing I would be able to wear cute things when I work out was a game changer for me! Here is how Fabletics works for those of you that aren’t familiar:

Image via Fabletics

I chose the VIP option. Knowing I would want to build my workout wardrobe, I thought being a VIP member made the most sense. Being able to get the items at a discount, and as often or as little as I wanted totally fit what I was looking for. Also, the option to cancel at any time was also great. Nothing is worse than being locked into a membership program like this and not being able to cancel when it suits you. Here is how the VIP membership works-



  • Up to 40% OFF retail prices
  • FREE SHIPPING on orders over $49.95


Browse your personalized picks ready on the 1st of the month. Complete outfits start at just $49.95


Make a purchase or log into your account to “Skip the Month” by the 5th and you will not be charged. If you do not shop or skip by the 5th, your credit card will be charged $49.95 (1 membership credit) on the 6th until you cancel. Skip as many months as you’d like – you may still shop after skipping the month. Each credit can be redeemed toward 1 outfit – use it to shop anytime.•


You may cancel your membership at any time. To cancel, call our Member Services team at 1-844-Fabletics (1-844-322-5384)

* New members who join the VIP Membership program this month do not have to shop or skip until the following month.

What I love about the VIP membership is also the fact that you get the credit when your credit card is charged. Typically, I forget to skip the month when I want or need to, so more often than not, my card is charged. I can rest easy knowing that that charge is put towards my account. Some monthly subscriptions charge you regardless and you get nothing. Totally not the case with Fabletics

I can’t tell you how many complete outfits at a really affordable price. Most outfits start at $49.95. In the grand scheme of things, that is not a lot for a whole outfit (which is usually 3 pieces). Can’t say enough good things! 

This is my third Fabletics outfit. The pants were what won me over with this outfit. That and the fact that the top can be worn two different ways-how I am wearing it, and flipped around! 

So far, I haven’t had any that I don’t like. I am also to the point where I can start sizing down on some things (like the top I am wearing….I realize it is a little big). What I like is that I can mix and match the pieces from the different outfits I have gotten as well! 

What get’s you motivated? Are you like me? Does something as simple as a cute workout outfit motivate you to work out? 

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  1. Because of Jackie
    February 27, 2015 / 12:53 pm

    I loveeeeee these pants! I joined Fabletics a couple of weeks ago, but haven't bought anything yet. I may need to change that….;)

  2. Marisa
    February 27, 2015 / 6:39 pm

    I've been thinking of trying them out. Probably a good post baby motivator! Love this look, that top and pants are perfect!

  3. Rachel G.
    March 3, 2015 / 2:31 pm

    I too just recently joined Fabletics! I'm in love! The stuff is so cute and so comfy!

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