Spring Beauty Roundup

With the change of the season comes changes in my beauty routine. Mostly small, but still some changes. I feel like when the weather warms up I am in the mindset of less makeup, what corners can I cut in the morning to get out the door quicker, and anything I can do to smooth out the bumps, flaws, etc of my skin. (Obviously with warmer weather comes more skin exposure).

Here is what I have been loving lately…

1. I know I shared this with you all before, but I still love Pillow Proof just as much as when I started using it. I use it every time before I blow dry, and even bought a travel size bottle of it. It really does cut your drying time down and smells great! Local gals, you can get your hands on some at Midtown Hair Company. It’s worth it!

2. It’s that time of year again for bare legs! Like most adults, I don’t get to layout in the sun all day long, therefore I don’t always have a nice tan (I can’t even get an airbrush tan as much as I would like to). Because of that, I use Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. I am telling you, it smooths out the look of your legs SO much. Once I started using this last year, I used it every day I wore shorts or a shorter dress. It dries quickly and it doesn’t rub off.

3. Lash extensions are my new best friend. They can be a little pricey, which is why I saved for it. The initial set (similar to when you get acrylic nails I guess) is the most expensive, but getting them filled after that is not nearly as much. The reason I love them so much is because the look of them allows me to wear less makeup. I don’t have to take the time in the morning curling and applying mascara, so I save a lot of time getting ready. One thing you should make sure is that the person doing your extensions is certified to do so, and also that you are not allergic to the adhesive. Summer, who did my extensions offered for me to come in a few days early to do a test spot on my skin of the adhesive. I chose not to and took my chances! If you are local, Lashed Out by Summer is the way to go. She is amazing. 

4. I think it’s a guarantee that anything Bare Minerals comes out with, I will try. Sort of going along with the reasoning behind using Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs, I wanted something that would give me the “I was in the sun all day” glow. I haven’t tried any bronzing palettes before, so this is all new to me, but so far I really love Bare Minerals California Bronze Palette. I love the two darker options they give you, along with the shimmer. Depending on your preference, you can use the darkest for a more intense contour or the lighter shade for a more subtle glow. The shimmer shade is my favorite though!  Gives a nice sun kissed glow!

5. With spring in the air, I have been obsessed with pastel nail polish. As I type this I have a pastel pink on my nails and pastel purple on my toes. The lighter hues are just so fitting for this time of year. Usually when summer rolls around I opt for brighter, bolder colors. For now though, I will stick to the lighter shades, even white. My three go-to’s this season have been Essie’s Blanc, OPI’s  Don’t You Lilac It and Suzi Shops and Island Hops.

6. Coconut Oil is a favorite of mine for many reasons. I love using it in a DIY lip balm for an added SPF and moisturizer. I chatted last year about the many benefits of coconut oil. I also like using it this time of year as it keeps my skin more moisturized, which makes my spray tan last longer! I like using Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil found at Target.

7. Last, but certainly not least is this amazing new lip stain called Stiff Upper Lip. I personally can’t stand when it is super windy out, and my hair gets stuck to my lipstick or lip gloss. This lip stain gives you the color that you want for your lips without the gooey-ness of lipstick or lipgloss. On less windy days, I will add a little sheer gloss or even just chapstick to the stain, but when I wear it, I mostly just wear it as a stain. It’s also nice because you don’t have to reapply as often as wearing lipstick. I currently have the color Saucy, and I love it!


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