Stitch Fix Round 2

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week and are ready for the holiday weekend!

Last month I shared with you my first Stitch Fix experience. I ended up keeping two of the items. I also wrote a note to my stylist that I would be heading to California so I wouldn’t mind things to take on the trip!

Here is a breakdown of everything I got and whether or not I kept it!

Staccato Iva Short Sleeve Cardigan (Medium, $48)

I loved this as soon as I saw it. The print is what I loved about it most. It is also super soft. I realize how I am wearing it isn’t the most flattering, but once I style it I know it will look even better. My husband wasn’t a fan- I believe he said all I needed was a sombrero and I would be good to go. Haha! I kept this, despite what my husband says!

Skies are Blue York Geo Print Henley Blouse (Large, $48)

I loved the cut of this top, and especially the way it fit. I wasn’t a big fan of the print though! I decided not to keep it, only because I knew I wouldn’t wear it just because of the fit. 

Kut from Kloth Galden Button Down Blouse (Large, $68)

I loved, loved, loved this blouse. It was just too big. I was so bummed, because I thought of so many different ways I could wear it! The size was the deciding factor on me no keeping it. Had it been a size down I totally would have kept it!

Level 99 Patrick Cropped Chino Pant (Size 10, $108)

These fit really well, and I know they would have been super comfortable, but the color was just awful. It was like a muted gray, with a hint of pink. Just not cute on me! I think I could have possibly sized down, because I feel as thought they would stretch once I wear them a little 

Pixley Marie Abstract Chevron Elastic Waist Dress (Large, $64)

Like the other items, this dress was a little big. I probably could have gotten away with it, but with losing weight, I didn’t want to keep it. I loved the print on it and the colors were great too (although I need a tan! Yikes!)

Overall, I liked this fix, but it made me realize I need to update my profile. From the last fix to this one, I didn’t realize my body would change so much. I logged into my profile and changed my weight and sizes so I am hoping my next fix will fit me a little better! 

I will say how great it is that the stylists really read and take into consideration the notes you send them. Every detail is noticed (my gal even checked out my blog to get a sense of my style). So far, I am so impressed with Stitch Fix

Also, don’t forget that they now offer their services to those expecting and those who are petite! Check it out– you’ll love it!


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  1. Jeans and a Teacup
    April 3, 2015 / 6:44 pm

    That floral top is really pretty! I haven't tried Stitch Fix but a friend gave me a striped blazer that she got in her box that didn't fit her. So It's sorta like I've tried it out 🙂 ~JessicaJeans and a Teacup

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