Feeling Nostalgia with Lip Smacker + a Giveaway!

I love the feeling of nostalgia. Anything and everything that can take me back in time or quickly trigger some sort of memory I just love.

You can’t ignore a feeling, an emotion, when it’s triggered by something. For example (and a kind of funny one too, I guess). My parents had this pitcher when I was growing up, it was like a really ugly baby food carrot orange. They use to buy frozen juice in a can, plop it in the pitcher with some water, and that was our juice. That pitcher encompasses my whole childhood. When I was at my friends house the other week, I opened her fridge, only to find the very pitcher from my childhood. The same baby food carrot color with the accordion style lid. I was immediately taken back to my parents kitchen, sitting at the table with a juice mustache! (She borrowed it from her in laws and continues to use it- and I love it!)

Lip Smacker is something else that brings a feeling of nostalgia. Lucky for me though, it’s a feeling that I’ve been fortunate enough to feel since I was little. More importantly though, I get to share it with my daughters! It’s definitely something that I can purchase “one for you, one for me!”

And if I am being truly honest, Lip Smacker is something that I have never really stopped using! Even as an adult, it’s pretty much a staple. A lip balm here, a lip gloss there. I feel like it kind of grows with you, too- am I right? I have the same feeling of nostalgia, every time I break out my Dr. Pepper. It’s a brand that is loved by children and adults alike!

As a kid, I remember saving my peppermint for the holidays, big Lip Smackers were a treat, and french vanilla was pretty much a given in all of my friends’ purse or backpack. Now I find myself gravitating towards the Layer-It BlueberryBanana Parfait.  Besides it tasting delicious, it gives just enough glimmer to my lips to keep me looking somewhat pulled together. It also helps that I don’t need a mirror to apply, which means I reapply it more throughout the day! For just an every day basic, their lip balm is a must!

I mentioned before I get to share my nostalgia with Ella. She likes to keep some in her backpack too for the school day-she is partial to the Disney Princess flavors (they even have new flavors out now for the movie Inside Out!). We are working on applying it correctly with Charlotte- she is still learning, and thinks its ok to put it all over her face and bite into it-haha! She’ll learn eventually! But she loves it just as much as Ella. Nothing beats the feeling of being able to share a favorite from my childhood with my daughters.

Lip Smacker is generous enough to bring the nostalgia to one lucky winner with an awesome giveaway! I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for the donut flavors, but mostly the Dr. Pepper!! (totally random, but fun fact-one of my best college friends has well over 100 Dr. Pepper lip balms. Our friends all pitched in and stocked her with them for life-that’s how much she loves Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker!)

(See below how to enter!)

All of those awesome Lip Smacker products can be yours!

So how do you enter? All you have to do is post a picture of your favorite Lip Smacker product or flavor on instagram, twitter or facebook. Tag Lip Smacker and use the hashtag #iheartLS. Good luck to you all! I will be following along, so I can’t wait to see what is your favorite!

If anyone needs me, I will be reminiscing with my Dr. Pepper and French Vanilla!



  1. Gigi jay
    June 29, 2015 / 7:38 am

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  2. Teresa Organ
    July 1, 2015 / 4:35 am

    When does this end?

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