Summer Hair Care

With summer in full swing we can’t forget to keep in mind our hair! I know people talk a lot about protecting our skin during the summer months, but the same goes for your hair!

Read on, for tips on summer hair care from my latest post for Susquehanna Style!

Just like trends changing each season, so should your beauty
routine. There are some things I keep the same year round (like what makeup I
use, for example), but I do try and make small adjustments with the change of
season (typically summer and winter).

Here are my top five tips to keep your hair looking fabulous
through the heat of the summer months:

Give the blow dryer a
If you are anything like me, you dread blow drying your hair in the
summer time. I get so hot that I feel like I need another shower. This time of
year is the perfect time to let your blow dryer collect a little dust and just
air dry. Wavy hair and the “slept in” look is popular this time of year, so embrace

Add sea salt spray. I
am a big fan of air drying my hair and
using sea salt spray. This gives your hair a little more texture and helps
accentuate any waves you may already have. Plus, most sea salt sprays don’t
have any harsh chemicals that can do further damage to your hair.

Wear a hat. I am
a big fan of hats year round, but I especially love wearing them in the summer.
Straw fedoras, panama hats, and floppy sun hats are not just a fun accessory to
add to your outfit. They help protect your hair against the sun and can help
prevent any damage overexposure in the sun can do.

Wet hair before
If you jump in the pool with dry hair, that is all the more pool
water that your hair is going to absorb, which ultimately means more damage.
Instead, wet your hair ahead of time (maybe bring along a spray bottle of tap
water). With your hair already wet, it doesn’t need to quench its thirst with
hair damaging water.

Deep condition. It’s
as simple as that. Deep condition helps take the protection from the sun and
harsh pool water chemicals to the next level. If you really want to take your
protection up a notch, after you wet your hair (before swimming) rub some deep
conditioner into your hair before taking the dive into the deep end. That can
add another barrier of protection for you.

I know our hair can be our last priority when it comes to
care/protection when we are outside. Naturally, our first priority is our skin.
But, our hair should be protected just as much. Give some (or all) of these
tips a try. Your hair will thank you!



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