Fun at the Fair

I love this time of year, not only because of the weather (fall is pretty much my favorite season- and it totally was before it became all trendy with the pumpkin spice lattes!) but because of the York Fair! Side note- it is the oldest fair in America! Pretty cool, huh?

Anyway, it’s always fun to take the girls and spend a ridiculous amount of money on games (who doesn’t want a $25 stuffed animal?), and great food! It is typically on the warmer side every year for the fair, and of course it’s something that you don’t want to/need to get too overdressed for so I always opt for something a little bit on the comfy side.

I started carrying this great line of denim at my store called Sneak Peek. Loooooove them! I currently only have them in store, but am hoping to get them online soon. These came in last week and I immediately tried them on and snagged a pair for myself. They aren’t fully lined with the plaid, which is also nice! (if you’d like to order them, just email me and you can be invoiced via PayPal, since I don’t have them listed online yet!)

Outfit Details:

Top: T&J Designs via Elizabeth & West /// Jeans: Elizabeth & West (avail in store, or contact me to order) /// Shoes: Target /// Backpack: Target (cute option) /// Sunglasses: Target /// Cardigan: Target 


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