Loving at LOFT Lately

I haven’t been shopping in a while, so I was kind of excited when my friend was having a party at our local Loft. I was eager to check out all of their new fall pieces and maybe snag a few for myself.

While I had a great time trying a lot on, I only went home with a few!

White tee /// Jeans

Cape /// Tank Top 

While I loved the idea of the cape, I ended up not liking it on me. It is one size which I think is part of the problem! It was so huge on me! Needless to say, it did not come home with me. 

Cape (in store) 

Another cute cape. Definitely one that will keep you warm! While I loved it, it wasn’t my top choice so it didn’t come home with me, either! 

Cape /// Belt

This cape definitely came home with me! Loooved it so much. I belted it just to give it a little more definition but it looks cute without the belt, too! (see below)

Jeans /// Denim Dress

I saw somewhere a denim trench coat- swore it was at Loft, but definitely wasn’t! This was the next best thing- I just unbuttoned and unbelted the dress! Didn’t turn out quite as well as I would have liked but still kinda cute!

Dress (in store) 

Super cute dress, not flattering on me, but would look adorable with heels or booties!

Tunic Tee /// Jeans (same as above)

This tunic is aaaahmazing! Super soft, comfy, and long enough in the back that it covers my butt! I’m a sucker for tunics that are long enough to do that. This will look great with skinny jeans and booties or leggings and cute flats. 

These jeans (the same ones I am wearing above)….these jeans are amazing! Although I didn’t get them, they are on my list to go back and get. They are high enough to keep it all in (as you can see from the picture of my insanely tight stomach). And it makes my butt look pretty darn good too. Definitely recommend!

Jeans /// Top (in store but cute option

These jeans totally came home with me. High waisted, stretchy, soooo comfy. I can’t recommend these enough! The length is just right and it feels so good to wear something so high waisted! 


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