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As much as I love styling outfits and taking pictures for this blog, sometimes it feels good to just have a little bit of a breather. So that’s what today is. A breather.

No worries, next week will be full out outfits and post Halloween makeup removal (this is my first year in I don’t know how long actually going full on with my makeup…we shall see how well it turns out!)

Anyway, I thought I would fill you in on life lately. I always loves these types of posts mainly because I am super nosy. To me, its the equivalent to peeking in someone’s window (which I wouldn’t do that in real life…that’s just creepy).

It’s always an adventure when I have to shoot for the blog! The majority of the time, we are able to shoot in places where the girls can get out, run around, and play. Sometimes we shoot in places where we are next to the car, so we just let them hang out in the car. We have mastered getting the pictures done relatively quickly because of having the girls, though! It never fails though, that the girls always want to get in on the action whether it be posing like me, or trying to take pictures themselves. 

I could dedicate a whole blog post on blooper pictures with the girls and stuff that is said during blog photo shoots! 

The girls got binoculars from my parents a few months ago and they love playing with them. Ella has developed a fascination with the solar system over the last couple of months, and wanted to use the binoculars the other night to “watch the moon rise.” Ella was amazed, and Charlotte…well she had no clue what she was looking at/for and just repeated everything Big Sis said!

The Halloween parade was this past Sunday, and it was the perfect day for it! The girls were super excited, especially to wear their costumes! Ella is now at the stage where she is starting to like shows that have actual people in them and aren’t cartoons. The same goes for movies. She loved Descendants when it came out and immediately requested to be Mal for Halloween (minus the purple hair…I refused to spend money on a purple wig and she didn’t want to spray her hair purple). Charlotte on the other hand wanted to be a bunch of different things, and settled on Belle. You’re probably thinking “that doesn’t look like Belle!” You’re right. It’s not. It’s her Halloween costume from last year that she insisted on wearing. She also plans on wearing this costume to her school party and for trick or treating. So much for the brand new Belle costume! And in typical Charlotte fashion, she’s doing her own thing for the photo! 

This past Tuesday Ryan and I celebrated 15 years together. 15 years! Crazy to think how young we were when we met and fell in love. I remember the night we dubbed our “anniversary” date like it was yesterday. Well bits and pieces of it. I was drunk, he was sober because he had the biggest soccer game of the season the next day. It seemed perfectly logical to make my room mate call him when we got back to our dorm room in the middle of the night (on an actual phone, because we still had actual phones back then). He must have really been smitten, because he came over in the middle of the night sleepy and sober to hold the hair back of a drunk girl while she puked. Romantic, isn’t it? He stuck around, I brushed my teeth, we kissed, and I realized he had to be mine. 

I also can’t neglect the fact that he looked pretty darn good without a shirt on too. A few days before the drunken night, in true mature, teenager fashion, my room mate and I knew he liked me. He called one afternoon asking if we had any bread he could borrow. For some odd reason, we actually did have bread (I honestly think it was one of the only times my whole college career I bought bread). We wanted to obviously take advantage of a boy who liked me and was trying anything and everything to woo me, so we told him he could have some if he showed up with no shirt on. A few minutes later, a knock on the door, and a topless Ryan, the bread was his.  

And lastly, because there are always outfits worth documenting that don’t make it to the blog!

Outfit Details:

Cardigan: Target /// Shirt: Target /// Leggings: Old Navy (similar) /// Booties: Target (cute option) /// Bag: Blair Ritchey /// Necklace: Silpada /// Scarf: Zara (similar)

Outfit Details:

Sweater: Loft /// Turtleneck: J.Crew Factory /// Jeans: Target /// Shoes: Kohls (similar) /// Purse: Target 


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