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I was drawing a complete blank as to what to blog about today. I haven’t been that great keeping up with my editorial calendar the last couple of months, so I sometimes find myself scrambling for a post, especially when I don’t have any outfit pictures, with no plans of taking any for the next couple of days (thank you rain and Hurricane Joaquin!).

Anyway, I left it up to you, my followers, to decide what I should blog about, and beauty products it is!

First up is my most recent lipstick favorites. I have really been into matte colors lately. I love their look, how smooth they feel and how long they last.

I am wearing L’Oreal’s Colour Riche Collection Exclusive in Eva’s Red. This has been my go-to color lately. It glides on so smoothly and lasts all day. I do reapply here and there, mainly because as it wears off, it looks like I have lipliner on with no lipstick (I think it’s how I apply it). It also kind of has a baby powderish scent/taste to it, which I thought was odd at first, but now I love it! 

I had been looking for the perfect nude/brown/burgundy shade (I hate to admit it, but similar to why Kylie Jenner wears sometimes. Can’t stand her, but love the lip color). I knew she probably used a super expensive brand so I went on the hunt for a less expensive version. 

I remember seeing a commercial (or maybe an ad in a magazine?) for Maybelline’s new matte Color Sensational colors. I bought two colors (one a suuuuuper deep burgundy that I am not quite sure about yet) and the color I am wearing, Nude Nuance. It is perfect. Applies so well, is so smooth, and also lasts a long time! Plus, you can’t beat the drug store prices. 

I have been using Redken’s Pillow Proof express primer  for quite some time now-I know I have chatted about it a few times on my blog when sharing my beauty favorites. It is still a favorite of mine. I don’t skip using it when I have washed my hair-any chance I get to save a few minutes I take! 

About a month ago my hair stylist (Rebecca at Midtown Hair Company is amazing for those of you that are local) recommended Redken’s new Two Day Extender dry shampoo. I use dry shampoo all the time, even when I have just washed my hair so I was eager to give it a try. Needless to say it has replaced what I was using before, plus it smells so good! 

Redken was kind enough to send me my favorites so I am fully stocked (woo hoo!) in addition to their new Diamond Oil Glow Dry. It is a protective hair treatment that smoothes, softens and conditions hair while strengthening it. It also is to cut down on blow drying time! I am eager to use it next time I wash my hair! If it is anything like their Pillow Proof dry shampoo and express primer then I know it will be awesome!

I’m loving all of the colors in the Butter London & Allure collection for the fall. My absolute faves are the Lust of Must? (top middle…sort of like a charcoal brown) and It’s Vintage (top left). I feel like it’s the perfect summer to fall transition. I’m not quite ready for the deep burgundy, but not ready to let go of the bright red. I think It’s Vintage is the perfect middle! 

What are your most recent beauty favorites?!? I’d love to know!


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