Staying Cozy at Home

There is something about this time of year that makes me love buying pajamas way more than any other time of year. I know this thought is the same for a lot of other people, too. New Christmas jammies seem to be a tradition in a lot of households, mine being one of them! The girls love getting them (and wearing them year round) just as much as I love getting them for myself! For myself though, I tend to purchase ones that are more “wintery” than ones that scream Christmas. I get more wear out of them if they aren’t so Christmassy!

When I am home, you will find me in the comfiest of clothes 99% of the time. Unless what I am wearing that day is insanely comfortable, I am changing almost immediately once I get in the door!

I am usually not one for nightgowns, but I couldn’t resist this one! Paired with the softest robe and cute slippers, it makes for the cutest “lounge at home” outfit!

When my husband and I were getting ready to shoot these pictures, he was kind of scrambling to put things away, move this here, that there. I stopped him and said this our house, this is what it looks like so this is what needs to be on the blog. It is cluttered, it is messy, there are dirty dishes in the sink, most likely some dog hair on the floor (uuggghhh Rocco!), but it is lived in! I am as guilty as the next girl that loves looking at bloggers’ photos of them in their home. There isn’t a speck of dust in sight. Everything has a place, the lighting is just perfect and every single picture is just so cute and adorable. But come on….really? No way it’s like that all the time.

I would much rather post pictures on here that are realistic. (I mean, I do have limits…you don’t need to see my closet which is a disaster) But you get the picture…this is my life!

I couldn’t help but get a few snaps by our tree, also-I love our tree! I have never been (nor will I ever be) one of those people who has multiple trees in the house, or one of those “themed” trees. Don’t get me wrong, they look great, but they just aren’t me. You can have all the themed trees in the world. As for me, I will take my tree filled with ornaments from my childhood, Ryan’s childhood, and ornaments the girls have made or received over the years!

Outfit Details: 

Robe: Old Navy (in stores, love this) /// Nightgown: Old Navy (in stores, love this) /// Slipper socks: Old Navy (in stores, love these) /// Bracelets: c/o Alex and Ani, My Saint My Hero, My Saint My Hero

Of course, none of this is available online, but they are all available in stores. Right now, there are great sales happening in store so head to your nearest Old Navy to see what they have in stock! Here are also some other options of cute holiday/winter jammies! 

I’m signing off for the rest of the week. Have a great Christmas-I hope Santa brings you everything you’ve asked for, but more importantly, I hope you get to spend the holiday with those you love and that you remember the real reason for the holiday! 



  1. Ellen Ross | Ask Away
    December 24, 2015 / 4:30 pm

    Love your socks <3 Merry Christmas! Enjoy these crazy warm weather central PA has. XO Ellen from Ask

  2. Justin
    January 28, 2018 / 9:59 pm

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