Back in Black

Hey everyone! I am back from Mexico and ready to get back into blogging! It was so nice to get away with my husband. The weather was great, the wifi spotty (I made my husband download instagram on his phone because his worked better than mine…he LOVED that!), and the food even better! Look for lots of posts over the next couple of weeks recapping what I wore on my trip!

But I will say it is nice to get back into somewhat of a routine, for a few days at least! We leave for Disney this Friday. What I am most excited about is seeing the girls’ reactions to everything. It’s going to be priceless!!

Anyway, I wore this outfit a few weeks ago. It was a casual evening out with my family-errands and pizza for dinner! It called for total comfort which is pretty much what this sweater is all about.

The thing about oversized sweaters is that it can be easy to look/feel frumpy when wearing them. I would stick to pairing them with leggings/jeggings or skinny jeans. Super loose boyfriend jeans may be a bit much. For someone like myself who is a bit curvy, the combo of loose jeans and a baggy sweater would just make me look bulkier. Someone who is more slender/petite may be able to get away with that. When all else fails though, just toss on your leggings or skinny jeans and call it a day!

Also, these shoes…I have not been able to get enough of them! I wear them several days a week, and have found myself planning my outfits around them. They are the perfect combination of comfortable but still stylish. Worth the investment for sure. If you do purchase them, size down one size!

Outfit Details:

Sweater: Shein /// Striped Top: Shein /// Jeans: Elizabeth & West (in store, similar) /// Shoes: Adidas /// Hat: Target /// Watch: Target (black available in store) 


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