Disney Outfits Part 1

Yep. There’s more than one part. I went to Disney with every intention of actually taking outfit pictures (or “photo shoots” as the big kids say). I didn’t really have a game plan, but I had our camera ready to go and my photographer on hand (also known as Daddy).

I think it wasn’t long into the first day that I quickly realized it wasn’t going to happen. Like ever. We had a tight schedule the whole week, with dinners, fast passes, princess meetings and what not. Plus, it’s one thing to make Ella and Charlotte wait while Ryan takes my pictures, but it’s another to make my parents and my brother.

Taking them in the morning before we left would require waking up even earlier (no thanks) and taking them when we got home from the parks was out of the question- I mean, I just spent the whole day walking 8 or more miles, pushing a stroller and parenting in Disney. You get the picture.

So here we are, with several simple phone pictures of my outfits. I am splitting them into two posts because well, it’s just plain easier.

I wore this outfit the first day, and I would say it was one of my favorites. Unfortunately, the majority of the day was spent wearing a poncho because it poured. It ended up being super cold the week we were there-I wasn’t prepared but luckily I tossed in a long sleeved black/white striped shirt from my store. I literally wore it every day but one just as added warmth. Luckily it matched everything I wore!

Outfit Details:

Sweatshirt: ILY Couture /// Jeans: Target /// Shoes: Adidas /// Bag: Blair Ritchey /// Watch: Target /// Sunglasses: Target 

My best friend/cousin lives close to Disney so lucky for us, she and her husband met up with us for two days while we were there. We had the best time ever with each other and my girls just love them so much! 

I stumbled on these ‘best friends’ tees on Etsy and couldn’t resist getting them for us to wear. While a little cheesy, they were just too cute, and I knew Betsy and I would style and wear them well!

Outfit Details:

Jacket: Elizabeth & West (similar) /// Tee: Etsy, Etsy /// Jeans: Elizabeth & West (similar) /// Shoes: Zappos /// Sunglasses: Old Navy (in store, similar) /// Bag: Blair Ritchey

I snagged this Old Navy sweatshirt last minute before we left. I got so many compliments from random people while wearing this- they were all shocked to see that it was an Old Navy sweatshirt. It is super comfortable without being an overly bulky at all.

Outfit Details:

Sweatshirt: Old Navy /// Jeans: Target /// Shoes: 6pm.com /// Sunglasses: Target /// Bag: Blair Ritchey 

As for packing-if you have a trip to Disney coming up, here are a few tips:

You really only need comfy shoes. Period. I packed a couple nicer flats and ended up not wearing them. I literally wore sneakers the whole time. I packed maybe two nicer outfits thinking my husband and I would go out-never happened. We were so exhausted at the end of every day we chose bed over going out!

Comfort, comfort and comfort. While I love to be in style all the time, I put comfort a little higher up on the scale for this trip. It’s not a fashion show at Disney (says the fashion blogger who had her husband take outfit pics). Really, everyone is too concerned with making sure their kids don’t have a tantrum. 

Color coordinate. I know it seems daunting, but it helped me with my packing. I was able to pack less (I was 11 lbs under the max weight with my suitcase…I know- 11 lbs! my response when I found out was “huh. I wonder if I should pack more?”) I started with my sneakers. They were mostly black, white, or red, so I just based my outfits off of that-made things so much easier! 

Plan for the cold. If you go this time of year, there is a chance that it will be freezing (for Florida). It was in the 50’s and windy while we were there-we weren’t prepared for that at all. We had to buy our girls sweatshirts, and my husband and I had to layer to the point of being almost uncomfortable. Word to the wise, pack layers just to be safe. 

Pack a great, hassle free smaller purse. I had a backpack that I filled with different incidentals and snacks that we kept in the stroller storage, but I also wanted to use a smaller purse to wear that wouldn’t hurt my shoulders (isn’t that the worst?) and that would allow me to keep a few things on hand-cell phone, portable charger, chapstick, a snack or two. The Blair Ritchey PAK was my go-to bag for the whole week. Lightweight enough that I didn’t even notice I was wearing it, super roomy, matched everything and so stylish. 

Stay tuned for the second part of my Disney outfits later this week!



  1. The Steezy Blog (Stephanie)
    February 26, 2016 / 4:17 pm

    Love all of your outfits!!! I like how you kept it cute but still comfortable. I always struggle to figure out what to wear there because I know I'll take a lot of fun pictures, but I also don't want to be uncomfortable in my clothes going on and off ride!

  2. Chelsea Davis
    February 26, 2016 / 4:35 pm

    I love that red sweatshirt, it is so cute with the simple heart on the front. Casual is always how I like to roll at Disney! Have a great weekend! Xo Chelsea http://www.shesaidhesaidfashion.com

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