Styling My Girls with FabKIds

I remember when I found out I was having girls with both of my pregnancies I was so excited to be able to dress them. And then I had them. And all of my thoughts of the cutest outfits that ever existed went out the window, and entered one daughter so picky with textures that she would live in leggings and tee shirts, and another whose imagination is so wild anything goes with her outfits. (those of you who know me personally can probably guess which daughter is which).

Sometimes, Ella and Charlotte do let me pick out their outfits, but that is rare! I will say I do like it when outfits come as a set. I can get away with them wearing those particular outfits together more, which guarantees that that somewhat match!

Since I have been introduced to FabKids a couple of years ago, we have added several of their outfits to Ella’s closet and are just now adding to Charlotte’s. The girls love them because they are comfortable, which is particularly important for Ella- she has some sensory issues and doesn’t like the way certain things feel. FabKids outfits are always super soft, which she loves.

If you aren’t familiar with them, FabKids offers beautifully made, perfectly personal, super stylish and surprisingly well-priced clothes made just for your kids! The way it works is also super easy and convenient, which I know is important for busy moms like me. 

How It Works:

  1. Get to know each other. Parents take a fun quiz for your FabKid(s) and get your own FabShop with adorable outfits handpicked for you emailed to you every single month.
  2. Pick or Skip. There is no obligation to buy. Parents are busy! FabKids make it easy to shop what you like, or “skip the month.” There are some months where it’s just not in the budget, so that month can be skipped. And you can skip as often or as little as you like!
  3. VIP Status. (Very Impressive Parents!) Their members kids love what they are wearing, while getting the value they so richly deserve.

VIP Perks:

  • Up to 50% Off regular prices
  • Stock-Up Savings: Kids grow-non stop. Shop stock-up packs for the best deal.
  • Exclusive Events: Early access to new, monthly collections, flash sales, exclusive sales and more!

What I personally love is that the outfits are really affordable, the selection is great, and a lot of their items come in a whole outfit. The dresses usually come with leggings, which is perfect for both of my girls- very rarely do they wear a dress without leggings. As girly as they can be they love to play! Some of the outfits even come with shoes, too! 

Being able to shop online for their girls clothes is so much more convenient for me sometimes- it’s one less errand I have to run, and know what size the girls are (Ella a medium, Charlote and XS) so I can shop in just a few clicks! 

 Ella’s Outfit Details: 

Jumpsuit: c/o FabKids /// Shoes: Old Navy  /// Jacket: Target (old) 

Charlotte’s Outfit Details:

Charlotte’s Dress/Leggings: c/o FabKids /// Jacket: Gap /// Shoes: Target (similar) /// Sunglasses: Old Navy 


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