Off the Shoulder Style

I am usually not one for off the shoulder anything, (mainly because of the fact I’d have to wear a strapless bra), but over the last couple of months I have sort of changed my tune! I wore two super cute off the shoulder dresses when my husband and I were in Mexico (you can check that post out here and here). From that point on I have sort of fallen in love with that style all over again.

I did find a great strapless bra at Target that holds me up pretty well. It is not the most comfortable but it gets the job done. (I also wore another off the shoulder dress when I was in LA-you can see it here) I think finding a bra that I can actually deal with helped me actually want to start wearing off the shoulder styles again. For me personally, my collarbone/shoulder area isn’t the most flattering, but there is just something about showing a little shoulder and feeling comfortable in what I am wearing that makes me say screw it- I am wearing it!

Now I will say that I would most likely never wear an off the should top or dress that was super form fitting-that I know I would be uncomfortable in. I mean, if you look at all of the off the shoulder dresses I have worn over the last couple of months you will see a trend- they are all loose and flowy. Just how I like it!

Outfit Details:

Top: Elizabeth & West /// Jeans: Target (similar) /// Shoes: Target /// Bag: Target /// Hat: Target 

Shop other great off the shoulder looks here:


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