Hair to Die For

I have always kind of had a love/hate relationship with my hair ( I feel like most women do). It could grow a little faster, have a little more volume, be a little thicker (not too thick though where it becomes unmanageable. Duh.)

My blogging friend Meagan (the blogger behind Because of Jackie) has been using Monat’s products for several months and has the gorgeous hair to prove it, so when she offered to send me some samples of Monat’s hair products to try out I jumped at the chance. I let her know my main issue with my hair was volume- I feel like it just hangs all of the time. When styling my hair, I typically use a root lifter before I blow dry, dry shampoo (a ton of it) just for extra volume, texture spray, root lifting powder and hairspray. With that in mind, Meagan was a doll and sent me Renew Shampoo, Revitalize Conditioner, and Rejuveniqe Oil.

The Renew Shampoo is supposed to help increase your hair’s strength. It also is to help boost your natural hair growth while it improves follicle strength-this helps reduce thinning (which I could use help with-thyroid problems have left my hair thinner than I’d like). It’s also safe to use on colored or chemically treated hair.

Meagan had me pair the Renew Shampoo with the Revitalize Conditioner. This helps increase hair density, strength and manageability. It’s a gentle volumizing conditioner for fine (me!), limp (me!), and lifeless hair (me, me, me!!).The nutrients and moisture in it helps plump and your hair from the roots to the ends. This can also be used on color or chemically treated hair.

The result? I LOVED it. I noticed a difference when I was blow drying my hair. Typically, when I blow dry my hair, it is straight, but like a frizzy, gritty straight. I always, always, have to run a straightener through my hair a bunch. You guys, look at my hair after blow drying it. I literally didn’t do anything different other than use the Monat Shampoo/Conditioner. If I hadn’t curled my hair in my before picture, I would have totally been 100% ok with heading into work with my hair like that! It looked that good!

I snapped this selfie after I blow dried my hair..amazed at how smooth and straight it was. Excuse the makeup free face! 

As for my hair after I curled it? Loved it. I felt like it had more volume, mainly at the roots, which is what I was hoping for. I felt like it had a little extra bounce to it and it lasted throughout the day! The big difference I noticed though was the extra volume at my roots. It did feel smoother as well. The next day (Sunday), is usually my day for second day hair. I typically load it up even more with dry shampoo, texture spray, lifting powder and hairspray. This particular Sunday, though I just used a little bit of dry shampoo and a little hairspray! I felt like it held up better than it typically does.

I can honestly say I’m sold. I wish there were a way for you to actually see and feel my hair, because the difference is pretty awesome.

If you’re ready to change your hair with cruelty free, gluten free, vegan and botanically based products (that are Made in the USA…holla!), give Meagan a shout at She’s your gal!

Also, don’t forget, I will be officially launching my YouTube channel tomorrow, so stay tuned! I am SO excited to share my first video with you all!

I was given samples of the product to try but all opinions are 100% my own.


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