Popsicles at the Beach

Who can resist an adorable dress with popsicles on it? Not me! When I was doing some buying for my store, as soon as I saw this, I knew I wanted it (not just for my store, but for me, too!)

I personally love the kimono sleeve style, because I feel like it is flattering on a lot of different body types (and personally, it hides my chubby upperarms). With the summer pretty much in full swing, I thought what could be more perfect than a popsicle print dress?

This was a great, easy dress to take along on my mini beach getaway with my family. I am currently in one of my favorite places, Rehoboth Beach. My parents started coming here every summer since before I was born with my aunt and uncle and their children, my cousins (I believe they started in the 70’s), and the tradition continues. While my aunt, uncle, and cousins don’t join us anymore (or we don’t join them, I guess….we all are married, with kids, busy lives), we still enjoy going. I miss going there for a week, but I will take a long weekend over not going at all!

We are pretty low key when we go to the beach. Our evenings are spent in, cooking dinner, hanging out, and on an occasion or two, venturing out to the boardwalk! Because of that, I don’t feel the need to get overly dressed up at all, which is why this dress is perfect!

Outfit Details:

Dress: Elizabeth & West /// Sandals: Target /// Denim Jacket: Old Navy /// Bag: Target 


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