Favorite Fall Looks

With being away part of the weekend, squeezing in time for some photo shoots with my husband proved to be difficult. Soooooo I figured I would pull my favorite fall looks from last fall!

I noticed that a handful of my favorites are still my favorites. Items that I would still wear this season and would gladly purchase again, or some variation of it! As much as I love trends and will definitely give them a try, sometimes it just feels good to purchase things you know will last you season after season!

Here are a few of my favorites from last fall that I plan to wear this season as well!

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This outfit was a favorite of mine because I loved this scarf, and still do! Luckily, it is still in stock! I wore this a lot just over jackets, or on warmer days just tossed over a tee and pair of jeans. I honestly thought, several years ago when I purchased the blanket scarf that it would just be a fleeting trend, but fast forward a few years later and they are still holding strong!

I also love a good boyfriend cardigan during the cooler months. It can create such an easy, everyday outfit and is also a pretty effortless look without looking sloppy.

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I absolutely loved this outfit. When it got a little colder I wore this poncho with a long sleeve top and booties just to warm it up a bit. I love ponchos because they can hide so much, without making you look frumpy. While I wore it belted here, I did manage to wear it multiple times without the belt. 

I have found that ponchos are great for those early fall days where you don’t quite need to bundle up yet. It’s a chic, comfortable way to stay warm on those crisp, fall days!

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Ok so can you tell that I loooooved my cozy Lou & Grey sweater from the Loft last year? And these are only the documented times I wore it! 

This sweater was worn a ton-I am hoping there is one similar to it this season because I will definitely be adding it to my closet. What I loved about it was it’s versatility. As you can see, it paired equally as well with jeans/sneakers and a dress and booties. Sometimes it even got some wear around the house- I would just toss it on over whatever comfy pants and tee I was wearing just for some added warmth!

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