Fall Style with thredUP

I’d like to say I wait until the seasons change to do a wardrobe overhaul, but who am I kidding?! I shop all year round! I will say though, that I tend to purchase more when it comes to a season change. I feel like I need to major update with the season, but the budget doesn’t always allow.

Without fail, I always get a text from my husband mid month that tells me I need to ease up on the spending- you know, because we have things like mortgage, gymnastics, daycare and other silly adult bills. UGH.

I have found that shopping from ThredUP has helped our budget so much! They have an amazing selection of secondhand fashion for women and kids. It’s like a very well curated online consignment shop! I love that I can still shop and update my wardrobe with name brand pieces without spending a fortune.

Can you believe I got the J Crew sweater I’m wearing for only $22.99?! I got it for 74% off retail! My Gap jeans I have on were only $16.99-that’s 75% off of retail. I saved a total of $120. $120!!! Amazing, right?! You all know how much I love to purchase items that are budget/wallet friendly. I loooove being able to wear name brand without paying the name brand price because of thredUP. I mean really, with my budget, there is no way I’d spend close to $100 for a sweater….yikes!

Want to give thredUP a try, or already a customer and have some must get items?! Use these discount codes and shop your socks off!

~15% off for existing customers (only 150 redepmtions are available): LNB15

~$50 off $125 or more for first time customersWQA50

~$30 off $75 or more for first time customersYHJ75


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