My Favorite Loft Sweater, Reworked

You might be thinking “didn’t she just wear this sweater the other week?” Yes. Yes I did. I loved the simplicity of pairing it with my favorite jeans and booties. The sweater speaks for itself and doesn’t need much as far as accessories.

I knew it was something that I wanted to wear again again. It’s one of those things that someone always compliments every time it’s worn. Why not wear it over and over if its going to breed compliments? HAHA! It had been a few days since I had worn it, so it was about time I took it for another spin, and style it a little bit differently than the last time (or 5) I wore it. And, in the interest of boring adult budgets and whatnot, I haven’t been shopping as much lately (insert eye roll and yawn), so I find myself reaching for items in my closet that I know and love.

I loved pairing this sweater with my favorite utility vest. While sizes of it are limited at my store, I will link several different options below. I loved how well it looked with the sweater-it gave it a super casual feel. Topping the look off with these super comfy sneakers added to the whole casual, comfy look.

These sneakers need more than just a “super comfy” mention. I know I have said before they were a little pricier than what I would normally spend on a pair of sneakers, but they were worth every penny. SO comfortable.

This outfit is a great, I have a long day/night ahead of me outfit. It certainly got me through running around and getting Charlotte to gymnastics. Let me tell you- that is the looooongest hour. Ever. They prefer the parents of preschool age gymnasts (is she even a gymnast? haha) to stick around just in case something happens (ie-they have to use the potty). They have TV’s there so you can watch your child.

Other parents probably think I am soooo not nice. I don’t chit chat. I just sit. In the uncomfortable chairs. Everyone is just so loud  and overly chatty. For some reason my patience drops significantly while I am waiting that hour out. Ryan and I alternate each week who has to stay. Let me say, I love when it’s not my week to stay! I know- this makes me sound like a terrible, unkind, unsocial person. Cut me some slack…after working all day with customers the last thing I feel like doing is making small talk!

Outfit Details:

Vest: Elizabeth & West (sold out, similar, similar) /// Sweater: Loft (petite version) /// Jeans: Gap Outlet (similar) /// Shoes: JSLides via Nordstrom /// Bag: c/o Blair Ritchey /// Bracelets: My Saint My Hero /// Sunglasses: Karen Walker


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