Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

I can’t even believe it’s that time of year again! I know it’s not even Thanksgiving, but whatev. People like to start their holiday shopping early, so I figured why not start my Holiday Gift Guide Series?

I figured I would start with the most difficult person to shop for-your “him.” Whether he is your husband, boyfriend, brother, best friend, nephew, guys can be so difficult to shop for. It’s so easy to just buy a couple of t shirts, some socks and a belt and call it a day, but how original is that?

I tried to find some gifts that would be practical but still somewhat cool in the “wow!” department. These items range in price so regardless if you need to save or if you want to splurge, you are sure to find something! (The images are clickable-enjoy!)

Native Union Kevlar Night Cable: this extra durable charging cord is 10 ft, so no need to worry about finding a convenient outlet. The knot anchors the cord to any flat surface when not attached a device!

Optishot 2 Golf Simulator: When I told my husband I was making this gift guide I asked him what he would want to see on it and this was it! I barely had the question out of my mouth and he spouted this off as fast as Ralphie in A Christmas Story when he shares what he wants for Christmas! Basically, if you have a husband like mine who loves to golf and will be devastated when the weather is too bad to golf this fall/winter season, get him this. It will feed the need for golf!

Soccer Cufflinks: Not just for soccer fans, how adorable are these? Not only are the actual cufflinks, but it is also a working game! They remind me of those little plastic handheld games that have the little silver ball you have to move through a maze! These would be a cute stocking stuffer!

Nintendo Classic Edition: Who else is excited that there is a classic edition being released? I remember the days of playing Duck Hunt and Mario with my brother (when he would let me!). Such a perfect gift to bring out the nostalgia!

Golf Swing Analyzer: If the guy in your life is anything like my husband, he is always analyzing his golf game. Sometimes he will even take me hole by hole to talk about how he swung, how he shouldn’t have swung. I listen, but I will say it’s a foreign language to me! This swing analyzer takes a look at things like speed and tempo!

Ray Ban Aviator Classic: You can’t go wrong with a classic pair of sunglasses. This style is such a classic that you never have to worry about it going out of style.

Scratch Map: I feel like this would be a great gift for a lot of people in your life, not just your husband, friend, brother, etc. I love the idea of displaying all the places you’ve traveled. Just simply scratch where you’ve been!

Barrel Aged Cocktail Kit: With this really cool kit, you can age your small batch cocktails in a two week time period! This would also make a really great housewarming gift as well!

The North Face E-tip Gloves: These gloves are touch screen compatible and great quality- an easy stocking stuffer!

Bose Soundsport In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones: Gone are the days of having to fumble with a long cord! These ergonomically correct (for comfort) headphones are weather and sweat resistant. Perfect for traveling or working out!

Leatherman Multitool: Who doesn’t need something that is 17 tools in one? In all honestly, this is something that everyone should own, whether it be kept in their pocket (like I could see some guys I know doing), or in your glove compartment in your car. It has everything from a screwdriver to a bottle opener to a wire stripper!

Bespoke Post Subscription Box: I love the idea of monthly subscription boxes. I think it’s a great way to keep the gift going throughout the year. There are so many different types of monthly subscription boxes (for men, women, even kids), but most of them only focus on one particular thing-style, food, home, etc. What I loved about Bespoke Post is that the boxes come with a variety of items (no this isn’t sponsored-I just thought it was cool!). These boxes come with anything from cigars, to a Himalayan salt rock for cooking, to sunglasses! You can set your preferences as to your interests, they send an email at the start with your box based on your preferences. You then have 5 days to choose another box if you like, otherwise they will send it to you! These make amazing gifts!

So there you have it! Hopefully you have found something that would make a perfect gift! Looking for something in particular? Let me know and I can help!

Check back next week for the next installment of my Holiday Gift Guide Series!!


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