Lounging at Home in Style

Outfit Details:

Cardigan: Old Navy /// Top: Old Navy /// Pants: Old Navy 

Typically, the minute I get home I like to be in comfortable clothes. Every once in a while I get on a kick where I like to have somewhat stylish and comfy lounge wear to well, lounge in at home!

If I am being honest though, most of the time my lounge wear evolves into, or has already been established as my pajamas, as well. And not that I feel the need to look amazing or to be dressed to the nines all the time for my husband (or for myself), but I do tend to feel a little more pulled together, which leads to getting more accomplished around the house, if I am wearing something that I deem suitable or stylish. This doesn’t include the tee shirt that is so worn in it’s dingy, or the yoga pants that have been worn and washed so many times they are literally worn thin! (which is what I tend to reach for most of the time!)

So, I went on a little search for cute, but could maybe double as pajamas someday lounge wear. I found a couple of adorable options that came home with me. I thought both pants would pair well with a tee and cardigan. To me, sporting a cardigan with comfy pants just feels more put together-maybe more of an outfit than just something to lay around in. I realize these outfits aren’t groundbreaking, BUT-they do make a great alternative to sporting your pajamas all of the time!

Oh and excuse the lighting…this whole getting dark earlier thing is tough to navigate when you have blog pictures to take! And also-I thought about cleaning up the house a bit before these pictures, but then that wouldn’t be real. My house is never spotless, and there are always shoes laying around, toys on the floor, an empty glass that needs to be put in the sink. That’s my life-why pretend it’s not?!

Outfit Details:

 Cardigan: Nordstrom /// Top: Old Navy /// Pants: Target 

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