Play Date to Date Night with Gigi New York

As a Mom, a business owner, and blogger I am always on the go. Always. While there are things I have had to sacrifice as a Mommy, my style is not one of them and never will be. When I take care of myself, dress in a stylish outfit and slap on a little lipstick, I feel like I have it together (or at least look like I have it together! Ha!)

Like I said earlier this week, I love a good quality handbag. While some of my favorites can be investments, I know they will last and will hold up from day to day, whether I am at the playground with my girls, or on a date night with my husband.

When it comes to handbags, one thing that I find I don’t have time for (or I am just too lazy to do) is change my purse to match every outfit. I prefer handbags that I can take with me from day to night, play date to date night. In the past, I have been known to lose this or that, only to find it in a purse that I used a few days ago-in the midst of switching bags I always accidentally leave something behind! So annoying! Another reason I love a versatile bag!

Mom’s-you can have a stylish purse AND still parent. I know there are Mom’s out there that blinked, and all of a sudden you are using a re-usable grocery bag as your purse, diaper bag, work bag, and grocery bag all in one. It doesn’t have to be that way ladies! You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other!

One of my current go-to bags is the Gigi New York Stella Foldover Clutch. What I love about it is it serves double duty for me. I can wear it during the day with the strap so it’s hands free. When I’m with my girls I need to have my hands free to open this, zipper that, pick up this, button that. I don’t have time to be fumbling with my purse while I am trying to parent!

(and let’s just talk about the elephant in the room. yes, my initials spell RAW. Haha!)

As much as Ryan and I love our girls, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a treat to ditch them every once in a while and have a date night. Nothing like being able to eat your meal the whole way through and having adult conversation (which ultimately ends up about the girls anyway)!

Like I said before, being that I am busy and all over the place, the last thing I want to/like to do is change my purse. When it’s time to head out the door, all I have to do with my Stella Foldover Clutch is remove the straps and I am all set. Although it’s a clutch, it is quite roomy. I am able to store my rather large wallet, another small zipper wallet, my sunglasses, and my phone. That leaves just enough room for the infamous “honey can you put this in your purse for me?”

Our date nights tend to be on the more casual side. We don’t go too over the top-just out to dinner, sometimes a movie, or even out with friends is perfect enough for us. We often joke that an ideal date for us would be to go and park our car somewhere and just nap! Anyone else feel me?! Ha!

Outfit Details: Play Date

Cardigan: Old Navy (similar option) /// Top: Elizabeth & West /// Jeans: Target /// Booties DV /// Bag: c/o Gigi New York /// Sunglasses: Karen Walker

Outfit Details: Date Night

Dress: Old Navy /// Fur Vest: Elizabeth & West (similar) /// Heels: Forever 21 (similar)


Crisha Lynn Photography

While I love a good bargain, a well made, versatile bag is something I am willing to invest in as I am certain it will hold up in my day to day craziness all while keeping my stylish! I am particularly fond of the Moss Green color of my clutch-I think it’s great for this time of year especially, but when paired with the right outfit can be used year round. 

I adore my Stella Clutch, but Gigi has a lot of other great bags that I can see easily fitting into my life: 


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