What’s in My Bag with Blair Ritchey

While I love a great deal there is something to be said for splurging on a really great handbag. Unlike the sweaters, pants, or tops that I may get at a really great bargain, I don’t wear it or use it everyday.

Handbags on the other hand get a lot of action. I go through phases where I will carry the same purse for weeks at a time, then switch, then switch again. At any given time, I am using one of my bags literally every day. I like to know that I am carrying a good quality bag- one that will hold up while getting tossed in the car, tossed in my shopping cart, or tossed over a restaurant chair.

The rest of this week I am dedicating my blog posts to a couple of handbag brands that I absolutely adore. They are investments-bags that may cost a bit but are worth it-they will last, both in terms of quality and style.

If you have been following my blog for a while you know my love for Blair Ritchey Handbags. Not only is she such a great person (and a fab Mommy), she designs and crafts all of her bags here in USA. The quality is impeccable, the pieces are classic and most importantly (for me, at least) functional.

One of my favorite pieces of Blair’s is the Curtin Tote I have used this for a small weekend bag, to a work bag (I am currently using her Penn Carry-All as my work bag), to an every day bag!

I swear this bag is like a Mary Poppins bag-just when you think you can’t add anything else, you can. As a Mommy, I feel like I have “musts” that I need to have in my bag!

The PAK Mini is perfect to hold my necessities. I always carry a travel size dry shampoo. I am a fan on Not Your Mother’s! I use their full size everyday and keep the travel size on me for whenever I feel like I need a little refresh during the day. 

I also toss into my PAK Mini my BeautyBlender blotterazzi. My face tends to get a little oily throughout the day so this washable, reusable blotting sponge is a lifesaver! It comes in a compact with a mirror, which makes tossing it in my bag easy!

I also usually have several different lipsticks in my PAK Mini-you never know what kind of lipstick mood you’re going to be in, so why not have choices?! (Right? Or is that just me?! Ha!)

I always carry my business cards with me as well! I keep little business size coupons with me too-I never know who I am going to meet or run into so I like to be prepared. Any time someone compliments something I am wearing from my store I give them a coupon to my store! Blair’s emerald green wallet is the perfect size to hold my business cards. While there are no wallets available, her Origami Envelopes are a great alternative!

Another thing I always like to have in my bag is my Minimergency Kit. It is perfect. It has everything from double sided tape, mini hairspray bottle, bandaids, dental floss to pain reliever! I have had this one for several years (they have refills, so no need to buy a new pouch). They make really great gifts and have them for men, kids, teachers, brides, bridesmaids and even dogs!

I also tend to use my wallet that doubles as a belt bag. It has a removable strap so it can serve as double duty for me! 

Not shown? All of the random “hold this for me Mommy!” items, and the smooshed granola bar I brought along for a snack for the girls weeks ago that was never eat. Maybe some crumpled receipts, bobby pins and hair ties! All of these didn’t photograph well, so they didn’t make the photo shoot cut! HA! 

 Bag Details:

Bag: c/o Curtin Tote /// c/o PAK Mini ///  Wallet (out of stock, similar option)

Here are some great, easy ways I styled the Curtin Tote-it goes with everything!

See you back here on Friday-I’ll be sharing one of my favorite play date to date night bags…you are going to love it!!


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