Can’t Get Enough: Mustard Cardigan

Did you ever buy something and just know it was something you were going to wear the crap out of and never get rid of?

That was my favorite mustard cardigan from Target. I loved it. It was the perfect length. Light enough to wear on chilly summer nights/spring days, but heavy enough to wear in the fall and winter months.

And then I ruined it. Well, saying I ruined it is an exaggeration. You could wash it but had to lay it flat to dry. I thought simply laying it on my washing machine with the the front/sides draped over the side would work. I definitely don’t recommend doing that! It dried so weird because of how I had it laying- it’s now longer in the front, shorter in the back and just all wonky! It just doesn’t fit the same!

I had purchased this beloved cardigan well over a year ago, so I knew Target wouldn’t have it in stock. So off I went to search for a replacement one!

Leave it to Old Navy to have a replacement!  While this one is a littler thicker, more sweater like than my old one, I absolutely love it. What I love about it besides the color is the length. I don’t know what I ever did before long, boyfriend cardigans! (I know what I did….I wore short cardigans buttoned up and belted all day every day. HA!)

Anyway, I snagged this cardigan and a few other things too…Old Navy has amazing stuff right now! There were a few things that I didn’t find in store in my size, so I ordered online- they are having a great sale online now through January 17th so get to shopping! (30% off everything-even clearance!)

I snagged this adorable floral sweatshirt, a new trench coat (hoping its a little more structured than the one I currently have), these jeans-I think they will look great with booties, and this adorable sweater!

Honestly, when I wear a cardigan like this, I gravitate towards something simple like jeans and a tee. It really is to me the most practical and comfortable. It’s always easy to just toss on a blanket scarf for something a little extra. I do love to wear longer cardigans over dresses, too, though!

Outfit Details:

Cardigan: Old Navy /// Tee: H&M /// Jeans: Elizabeth & West, old (great option) /// Booties: Target /// Scarf: Target (similar

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  1. Madeline Elizabeth
    January 16, 2017 / 9:33 pm

    Definitely walked over to Old Navy on my lunch break (I work across from an outlet mall) and picked up this cardigan. great find :)xo, Maddy

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