Classroom Valentines with Minted

When you become a parent there are so many things to look forward to. Of course the big milestones are the ones that are on the forefront of everyone’s minds when they become a parent. 

But then there are those little things that start to creep up and make you think “this is what I became a parent for!” I could list them, but honestly there are so many. From their giggles, to bedtime rituals, to how they smell, to how perfectly their little hands fit in yours. On top of all of that, holidays are so much more fun! It’s like you have a fresh new set of eyes to see things, and it makes it that much more fun!

Before children, my husband and I would celebrate Valentine’s Day a little. We certainly didn’t go all out, but we had fun! Then out girls came along, and it’s like Valentine’s Day takes on a whole new meaning (along with every other holiday). My girls love Valentine’s Day (or Bal-im-times Day as Charlotte likes to call it)! From the little treats they get, to picking out and delivering their Valentine’s they enjoy every minute of it-it makes it so much fun as a Mommy!

Each year when the girls start to see Valentine’s creep into stores, they immediately start planning who they are going to give Valentine’s cards to, what kind they are going to get, when they are going to fill them out, and the list goes on and on. 

Minted has such a cute selection of classroom Valentine’s-perfect for your kiddos and such a variety. Like their cards, you can personalize their classroom Valentine’s as much or as little as you want from changing the color to even what the card says! (True story-Ella wanted to change what hers said-I had to explain until I was blue in the face that if she did, it would defeat the purpose of having a donut card. Needless to say….I won that battle! HA!)

Another thing the girls (and I) loved about the classroom Valentine’s is the little added touches! The girls thought it was so fun to have the little stickers with their names on them! You can even add options on the back of the card like tic tac toe, a picture, a little note, or another printed picture! I should add that these aren’t meant to be mailed-they are intended to be handed out…that is the fun of Valentine’s, am I right? 

What Chartlotte loved about her popcorn Valentine’s was the fact that she can add a little lollipop with hers, or attach it to a little goody bag (she has yet to decide…its a hard decision to make when you are four)! (I also love this one and this one)

Don’t these make you miss the fun of exchanging Valentine’s when you were little? While I love what Ella and Charlotte chose, there are so many adorable ones that are just as cute! 

Don’t forget to check out my other post sharing my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide full of my favorite, personalized, Minted Valentine’s gifts!

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