Valentine’s Day Gift Guide X Minted

Over the years, I guess you could even say the older I get, I have found that I love receiving gifts that are meaningful much more than something materialistic, like a new sweater, or a cute pair of shoes (side note- I will still gladly accept them, though…who do think I am?! HA!).

Things change when you get married and have children-certain things start to take on a different meaning, events aren’t just another event-you want to treasure them! 

Minted has such a sweet collection for all of your meaningful gifts. More specifically, they have such cute custom art ideas. One of my favorites is their custom map art to document where you got married, where your child was born, or even where you bought your first home-all you have to do is provide the address. They offer in foil press, letter press or standard printing-you can also choose from a pretty great selection of frames and colors for the letterpress

              Custom Foil Press                           Custom Map Print                Custom Letterpress Print

Another great, personalized piece that Minted offers is their Silhouette Art. It’s hard to explain, but as a parent you get lost in the day to day, and one day look at your child and they don’t look like a baby anymore- their little nose is not as ‘baby-ish’ as it used to be, their lips not as pouty. You miss those little details! I love the idea of the Silhouette-it can capture those long, untouched lashes, those adorable pouty lips, and that slept in, fly-away hair. You can also get a silhouette of your pet! How perfect is that?!? After losing our sweet dog Rocco in October, this is something I know we would treasure. 

The Minimalist Quote Keepsake is another favorite of mine-I feel like every couple I know (or at least a lot of them) have little sayings or quotes that sort of define their relationship, or is an inside joke. Like all of their other art pieces, this is completely customizable-there is a variety of framing options, you can upload your own photo, and choose from various sizes! How sweet would this be for a gift??

Similar to the Minimalist Quote Keepsake is Your Vows print. This is something I would have loved to have as a wedding keepsake, or even as a Valentine’s gift. While we didn’t write our own vows, it would be sweet to commemorate some of the bible readings that were shared during our ceremony. Hint Hint-guys….

The Heart Snapshot Photo Art has to be one of my favorites, too. Nothing like seeing snapshots of those you love, in an adorable heart collage, am I right? You can personalize with 30 photos, choose from a variety of classic frames or specialty frames. This would be a sweet gift for a loved one, whether it be a spouse, significant other, or even a family member!

My last pick is probably one of my favorites. It is an adorable gift Minted is calling a petite pair. This pairing is perfect for the guy (or heck even gal!) in your life!

How perfect is this Better Than Whiskey print paired with Your Recipe?! You can turn your most cherished, hand written recipes into art-what a meaningful gift idea! I know I have so many recipes from my grandmother that would be so wonderful turned into a framed memory! I think it would be such a cool idea to pair the Whiskey print with a print of a yummy drink recipe to hang over your bar area or bar cart, or even in a Man Cave!

If you love to send Valentine’s cards to your friends and family, they have an awesome selection to choose from! They are currently offering 15% off orders of $150 or more or 10% off (no minimum) with the code HEART17 now through 1/23! 

Here are a few of my favorite picks:

Shop here

Shop here

Shop here

What are your favorite picks?!? There are so many options I have trouble choosing just one! Stay tuned next week, especially if you’re a Mommy! I will be sharing Ella and Charlotte’s classroom Valentine’s and let’s just say…. you “donut” want to miss them!! (hehe)

Thank you to Minted for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.


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