My Vanity Must Have: GLAMboard

When it comes to beauty products, I feel like I can never have enough! Ooooo a new contour palette? Who cares if I already have three! A new nude eye shadow palette? Already have two but who is counting?

As I am sure you can imagine, my counter space and under the sink storage in my bathroom vanity dwindles pretty rapidly. My poor husband seems to love some of his counter space with the more and more I buy.

I try to keep myself in check, but it never seems to last. I have so many items that don’t get used because they are shoved underneath my sink-a lot of products go to waste that way, which is such a shame!

Because of the over abundance of products, I seem to have a lack of counter space. When getting ready in the mornings, I typically set my makeup and brushes on the edge of the counter. More often than not, I am knocking brushes into my wet sink (eww) or knocking makeup off the counter and onto the floor!

Sooooo the solution to all of this? GLAMboard! This has been a lifesaver for me (and my husband appreciates it, too). Not only does it serve as a countertop organizer for me, it is expandable, so it can sit across my sink while I am getting ready, increasing my counter space.

Typically what I do, is keep it on my counter. Having this sort of forced me to go through all of my products-something I have needed to do for a loooong time. Now I only have out what I truly use every day. It allows me to be able to see everything, and not have to root through all of my junk to find what I need!

My absolute favorite thing about it is the fact that it is expandable, and can fit over your sink. In the pictures I have it sort of siting in my sink, using the handles to hold it there-my sink just works well like that! It expands even further and can sit on your counter top, over your sink! This works wonders with pedestal sinks…those certainly lack any sort of counter space! 

I also love the different compartments that it has, making it easy to store things. Sometimes, I feel like counter top organizers can have too many storage options-I personally get overwhelmed trying to figure out how to fill every single space! The GLAMboard has just the right amount! 

GLAMboard is also pretty sturdy, which is a plus, especially if you have kids! And speaking of- Charlotte is constantly asking to have her nails painted. It is such a pain to take multiple bottles of nail polish to her room, or downstairs along with polish remover. The GLAMboard really makes that a lot easier. I like to think of it as the perfect “breakfast in bed” tray, but for beauty products! Ha! I literally toss all of her nail polish choices (there is never just one) along with anything else I need onto the GLAMboard and I’m all set!

I mean really- how perfect it is?!?! Small enough to not take up a ton of space, but expands perfectly to fit over your sink to give you more room (and if you’re like me, to prevent you from knocking your makeup brushes into your wet sink). 

You can purchase GLAMboard directly from their website, or you can purchase via QVC-they offer an easy pay option so you don’t have to pay for it all at once- gotta love easy pay!

Hope you all have a great weekend, and happy GLAMboard shopping!! 🙂


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  1. Melissa Woycheese
    February 12, 2017 / 9:49 pm

    That looks handy! I spy your R+F–are you a consultant too? How long have you been using Lash Boost? I've been using it for 4 weeks now and love it! Take care!

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