Tried and True Overals

If you follow me on instagram or snapchat you saw I was on the fence about a pair of overalls I bought from Madewell. I wanted to love them but they just didn’t look right on me. 

As I was debating them I remembered my pair of Target overalls I had from a few years ago. Not thinking they would fit me well, I forced myself to try them on anyway (because that makes sense, right? Oh these probably won’t fit but I will try them anyway!).

To my surprise, they actually still fit pretty well and I felt so much more comfortable in them than the Madewell ones I had purchased!

I got a lot of gals saying they think they are too old or too big to wear overalls. Guys….I am 35, and a size 12/14-I am wearing overalls. Moral of the story? You aren’t too old or too big to wear overalls. Go for it!

Outfit Details:

Overalls: Target (similar) /// Top: Old Navy (similar) /// Shoes: Old Navy (similar) /// Hat: Target /// Bag: Kate Spade via My Girlfriend’s Wardrobe


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