Ella’s Tween Bedroom Makeover with Minted

Ella has been bugging us for a few years now to repaint her room. Her favorite colors are no longer pink and purple so she was dying to get her room redone. After all, her new favorite color is blue, so her room should reflect that.

Mainly because we didn’t want to spend unnecessary money (and we were kind of lazy) we kept saying no. I even managed to throw in there “you know the wallpaper and paint that’s in my room at Mimi and Gugga’s house? You know when that was put there? In 1982. When I was born. I never had my room redone!” It didn’t phase her, and she persisted….she just had to update her room because she “isn’t a little girl anymore!” (cue the tears). Here are some before pictures of her room…

Leave it to MomMom and PaPa to pull through and offer to help give her the room she wanted as part of her birthday present, though! Needless to say she was so happy!

The paint color she initially requested was of course a blue shade. I reminded her that two years ago her fave colors were pink and purple and then when her fave color changes again in another two years we aren’t repainting her room. I convinced her to settle on a neutral shade of gray, that way it will be easier to accommodate her changing mind every few years, with a swap of a bedspread or pillow. 

We settled on this color because it was light enough and would be easy to pair with any sort of accent color. Our good friends actually have this paint color in their kitchen. They purchased it from Lowes, but we were able to take it to Home Depot and they color matched it exactly.

She fell in love with this bedspread as soon as I told her we could do some fun gold accents. Plus, with her turning 9, she reiterated that she didn’t want anything too childish anymore (cue the tears…again). She thought this was just so grownup! These metallic heart sheets complimented the bedspread perfectly!

When I asked her what else she wanted in the room she immediately said “pictures like Charlotte’s!” She has actually been asking for her own personalized pictures from Minted since Charlotte got hers about a year and a half ago.  Like clockwork every few months “Mommy when can I get pictures like Charlotte’s in my room?” 

Soooo, without further adieu….Ella’s Tween (not “big girl”) room!

My Father in Law, Ella’s PaPa made her this little nightstand. It’s perfect for her so she can store her clock, her iPad at bedtime (she falls asleep listening to an audiobook…it helps with her anxiety), and her sensory “toys” she uses to help calm her down when she gets worked up. She loves having the nightstand there-it makes her feel like a grownup!

When it came time for Ella to pick her prints she was thrilled. Minted’s selection is to die for-you can literally find something that pertains to any hobby imaginable! We narrowed it down a little according to what she thought she would like, otherwise we would still be picking out prints!

She knew she wanted a print with her initial and her name on it. That was first on the must get list! We both loved the flowers on this Vintage Floral Monogram. So sweet!

One of Ella’s favorite things is all things space-solar system, stars, planets, etc. When she saw the Northern Sky print (upper left) she yelped! Literally, it was a little girl, excited yelp! 

The Flower Girl was one of my picks. She was having a hard time picking her favorite so I took the reigns and settle on this one. I thought it tied in with all of the other prints she picked perfectly. It’s also a print I can see her still displaying when she has a place of her own!

Follow Your Heart is another print that I thought would be able to grow with Ella. Although she ultimately picked this one, I kind of steered her in this direction. I just love it’s simplicity, but the meaning is so huge! 

While I loooove the Northern Lights print, I think my absolute favorite print is the Favorite Books print. How darn sweet is it personalized with her favorite books? I without a doubt know this is going to be a keeper-when she’s all grown up we’ll laugh and say “remember how much you loved reading Dork Diaires?!” I know…I am getting a bit ahead of myself! 

Thank you to Minted for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own


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