Our Summer Bucket List

I have never really had a summer bucket list before. I feel like at the beginning of each summer, we have a lot of “we should’s”

We should do this!

We should do that!

We should try this!

We should try that!

This summer though, I decided to actually make a bucket list. A couple of my girlfriends made one with their children, so that sort of gave me the push to do one with my girls! 

I think having them involved in the list making process made it more fun and definite, if you will.  I feel like it holds us accountable for making more of an effort to try and do more fun things! There were only a few things that we had to put a squash on because it was just too expensive or unrealistic (sorry girls, we aren’t going to Disney this summer!)

We cheated a bit and did include some things on the list that we knew we were already going to be doing, but it’s still so satisfying being able to check something off a list, is it not?!?!

So without further adieu….here is our bucket list. Of course, some of the things we chose are close to where we live, so they might be out of the question for you. But hopefully some of these will give you a little summer inspiration!


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