Vacation Style + Floral Maxi Dress

I’m back! As much as I love vacation, it feels so good to come home and get back into a routine. Although with the holiday tomorrow we haven’t really had much of a routine since we have been back!

We realized there are still plenty of things on our Summer Bucket List that we haven’t accomplished so we’ve been trying to throw ourselves into crossing some of those things off while my husband and I are off for a few days. Last night was the drive in theater and today is berry picking! (We missed Strawberry season so we are modifying and doing other berries).

When it comes to summer dresses I tend to gravitate towards maxi dresses. While I feel like they can trap the heat in on hot days I just feel more comfortable in them. I know I am typically all for body positivity and whatnot, but I’d choose to have my legs covered any day over short dresses!

This floral maxi dress was really comfortable. On my 5’4″ frame, it wasn’t terribly long either. I probably could have gotten away with wearing flat sandals with it, but I knew I would be doing a lot of walking and didn’t want it to drag too much so I opted for wedges. Unfortunately this dress is down to only two sizes available so I found some other cute options for the summer!

Outfit Details:

Dress: Nordstrom /// Shoes: Steve Madden /// Bag: Blair Ritchey




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