How To: Give Your Feminine Dress a Little Edge

A moto jacket is something I personally feel never goes out of style. You can always seem to find a good selection/variety of them year after year. 

While I think they look great with a graphic tee and jeans, I love giving a girly, feminine dress an unexpected twist with a moto jacket-gives your look a bit of an edge! 

When you toss on your girly dresses, it can be easy, almost safe to reach for your favorite, matching cardigan, or a blazer or even a denim jacket. Rethink the next time you go to toss on your cardigan or denim jacket and grab that moto. If you’re anything like me it’ll make you feel like a bit of a badass-haha! 

I had seen this dress on a mannequin in Loft paired with their moto jacket and loved the look of it-I knew I wanted to dress it down a bit with these Oxford shoes, but it would look equally as good with a pair of heels

Outfit Details:

Jacket: Target /// Dress: Loft /// Shoes: Target /// Hat: Target /// Sunglasses: Old Navy


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