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I feel like as a blogger I am constantly adding new things to my wardrobe or beauty arsenal. I may mention them on instastories, or on the blog, of course. But sometime there are things that I absolutely adore and feel like they should get an extra mention. They are things I wear or use over and over again that maybe you don’t see on social media as often as they get used/worn. (does that even make sense?!).

I figured I would round up some of my favorite purchases as of late and share them with you! From deodorant, to bobby pins, to the perfect pieces for my closet, these are things you should consider adding to your closet/vanity!

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings: These are quite the investment, if I am being honest. I also didn’t pay full price for them. But, I have heard such great things about the quality of them, and have been thinking about them for months. I also knew I would get a lot of wear out of them-I have a pair of faux leather leggings from Old Navy that I have literally had for 3 years and have just about worn them through. The ones I purchased are plus size (wait for a sale before you buy them!) but they also have non plus size available as well! I am telling you, they are worth it.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette: This is another thing that I had been wanting to get. I am so bummed it took me so long to get it, because it is amazing! The colors are so pigmented and apply so well! I definitely recommend!

H&M Long T-Shirt: I love these shirts. I have it in black, white, gray and black and white striped. What I really love about this top is how long it is. It makes it great for layering, and also for wearing with leggings. I have been known to lounge around the house in this top as well! So worth it and so inexpensive! 

Scunci Curved Bobby Pins: These might not seem like a lot, but these are so cool! Because they are curved I feel like they fit so much better! Definitely recommend!

Dove Invisibly Dry Spray: Ok, I sweat a lot. Like I could be so cold and still sweat. So gross, I know! Because of that, I always have a hard time finding deodorant that works. Ladies, this works! I love that it’s a spray, that it’s invisible and that it actually works! 

Loft Floral Puffer Vest: I love puffer vests, but sometimes that are too puffy. When they are too puffy it makes me feel bigger, and I don’t like it! I love this vest not only because of the adorable print, but that it is lightweight. Despite it being lightweight, it keeps me warm though! I love the colors are still somewhat neutral, too-I feel like I can wear it with more! 



  1. Unknown
    October 25, 2017 / 6:06 pm

    Just wanted to point out, I have begun looking into ingredients lately and the first ingredient in my dry shampoo spray was butane! It's also the same first ingredient in that deoderant spray (lighter fluid!). I know why it's there (for quick drying), but it's sure scary!

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    October 28, 2017 / 4:57 am

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